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Learning to Fly

No description

Victoria Parsloe

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Learning to Fly

By Tori Parsloe Learning to Fly My Dad Inspiration ~1485 Leonardo Da Vinci - The Ornithopter
~1799 - 1850's - Montgolfier Brothers- Hot Air Balloon
~1891 Otto Lilienthal- The Glider
~1891 Samuel P. Langley- Aerodrome
~1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright- The First Airplane ~Started flying at age 15 in 1975
~Soloed in 1976
~Joined AirForce to fly but eyesight wasn't good enough- Communications for 4 years
~Kept flying privately
~Bought first plane in 2001
~Now use airplane to fly to and from and for work
~Also recreational use
~Has had three planes
~Prefers mission flying, flying for a purpose My entire life I've been around flying- going to Morristown Airport with my dad, flying to restaurants and going on trips with him.
Flying has been his passion for his entire life and I've always wanted to learn so I can experience it and connect with my dad more.
I think I'm pretty lucky to have this opportunity so I thought 'hey, why not?' The Basics of Aviation My Experience The 4 Forces The 3 Major Axes Pre-Flight Checklist Parts of an Airplane Brief History of Flying My 1st Lesson My 2nd Lesson The End :) ~Thrust
~Gravity ~Lateral
~Vertical Captain Bob ~Flight plan (weather, route, fuel needed, ect. )
~Look at general appearance of plane (Dents, leaks, cracks, wrinkles, loose or missing parts)
~Have required documents
~Check control surfaces
~Test fuel sumps for water and debris
~Remove tie down Hard Air: Adventures from the Edge of Flying by W. Scott Olsen The Phonetic Alphabet What It Is ~Words assigned to each letter of the alphabet
~Used by pilots to transmit radio messages
~ Helps out if there’s static or speaker has an accent- prevents mistakes
~ Used since 1913 Activity: 1) Break into groups of 3 or 4
2) Flip over handout when I say to!
3) Follow instructions
4) Raise your hand when complete A- Alpha B- Bravo C- Charlie D- Delta E- Echo F- Foxtrot G- Golf H- Hotel I- India K- Kilo L- Lima M- Mike N- November O- Oscar P- Papa Q- Quebec R- Romeo S- Sierra T- Tango U- Uniform V- Victor W- Whiskey X- Y- Z- X-Ray Yankee Zulu J- Juliett ~20 minutes in classroom
~40 minutes in SIM
~1.5 hours flying
~landed and took off two times ~10 minutes at plane
~1 hour in classroom
~1 hour in SIM Lesson & Art Project at Rahway Public Library What I Did ~Created lesson plan to teach young children at The Rahway Public Library (Children's Department) about flying and do an art project
~Read them a story called "My First Airplane Ride" by Patricia Hubbell
~Followed with an art project
~Reflect on lesson
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