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Hero Prezi

No description

Mark Franchi

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Hero Prezi

His dad mysteriously crashes his plane on a secret mission
Zach doesn't think that the plane crash was an accident
Zach goes and visits the plane crash site in Montauk
At the site, Zach finds a man, named Mr. Herbert, who knows all about the crash
While there, Mr. Herbert tells Zach that he has magical powers Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Main Character Election Find out more about his dad's mysterious death
Discover the powers that he held
Find out who Mr. Herbert really was
Save anyone that was in danger
Build up the 'Greater Good' Hero By Mike Lupica Getting past his dad's death Info about Zach's Dad (Tom Harriman)'s Death Thugs The Attempted Assassination Zach Fighting to save Kate Zack and Kate were walking in Central Park
Three thugs attacked them
Zach used his newly discovered powers to beat them up
After he beat two up, he chased the third one away and Kate said that the other two disappeared Zach, Zach's mom and Kate helped Senator Kerrigan get elected for presidency
The Senator was to give his inaugural speech in Central Park
An assassin took upon a rooftop High enough to shoot above the bullet proof shield covering Senator Kerrigan
Zach jumped and tackled Kerrigan out of the way
Mr. Herbert, Zach's grandpa, has the same powers as Zach and he took Zach out of the way from the second shot, but was shot himself. Everyone is unique
Everywhere you go,you meet new people.
They brighten your day or make it unusual.
They could be smart, or funny, stupid or cranky, but everyone's unique no matter how stankey. Characters Zach Harriman Main character of the story
His father just died in a mysterious plane crash
Meets a mysterious man named Mr. Herbert tells Zach about his powers he inherited from his father
Is best friends with Kate Peredes Ponyboy Curtis Main character of the story
His mom and dad died in a car crash
Best friends with Johnny Cade
Has two older brothers
Is in a gang of hoods (Greasers) Dialogue " Him? It was him you were after?" said the kid who fixed Tom Harriman's plane.
" Yeah." Tom said
" He killed two of my uncles! Can't we just kill him now, while I watch?"
" Nope. Not my style." Tom Harriman said as he loaded the man up onto the plane to take him home. (From the prologue) Literary Techniques Symbolism- Tom Harriman gave Zach a Morgan dollar as a gift. Zach took it everywhere
Hyperbole- Like catching small rocks thrown by Mr. Herbert as though the old man had turned into a pitcher with a Hundred-mile-per-hour fastball
Simile- Her eyes were on him hard, like a flashlight being shined on him in a darkened room Zach Harriman Main character
Dad killed in plane crash
Meets Mr. Herbert who tells him about his powers
Kate Paredes is his best friend Lemuel Gulliver Main character
Travels all over the Earth, discovering new things as he goes
Starts to hate humanity after what he sees from other species Plots Hero
Zach's father dies in a plane crash
Zach doesn's believe the crash wasn't an accident, so he searches for evidence
Zach discovers that he has new powers
Zach protects Kate from evil
Zach prevents the president from assassination Gulliver's Travels
Gulliver starts out as a pretty wealthy surgeon with a wife and a family
Sails on the Antelope and gets shipwrecked
Finds the Lilliputians and the Blefuscians
On another trip, he finds the Brobdingnagians
On his final trip he finds the houyhnhnms
After his travels, he is too disgusted with human society Greater Good Zach's dad Tom Harriman risking everything for the good of the world
Zach protecting New York City and the next president of the United States Settings Hero
New York City, New York
Present day Gulliver's Travels
London, England
Unknown islands
early 1700s Themes Gulliver's Travels
the abuse of power
the selfishness of humans Hero
the uniqueness of every being
age doesn't affect how yoyu can affect the community
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