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Pinkberry PR

A mock PR campaign

taylor hyslop

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Pinkberry PR

Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt dessert restaurant primarily in California and New York that offers healthy desserts with fresh fruit toppings. In less than five years, Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt has established the dominant leadership position in the frozen yogurt category across the United States and even oversees internationally. Pinkberry is expanding its delectable flavors of frozen yogurt to the Midwest. Goal: Provide customers with the highest quality yogurt while promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting our community through distinguished events Research: We conducted segmentation research study to find out more about the target audience (women 18-35)
The team led research about Pinkberry geographical locations in countries across the world, in order to bring them to Chicago The Pinkberry group partnered with the American Breast Cancer Society to promote the Pinkberry brand while raising awareness of the serious issue of breast cancer. Objective #1
•Raise awareness about Pinkberry Chicago by 40% by the end of summer 2012. Strategies:
•Partner with Christina Applegate
•Promote Pinkberry and provide samples at summer festivals and Chicago college campuses
•Establish good media relations with journalists, newswires, and news publications in Chicago Tactics:
•Christina Applegate introduces the new “Chi-City Swirl” at the new Chicago location.
•The Pinkberry team will provide samples in the Pinkberry frozen yogurt trucks—“Pink-Mobiles”—at Chicago summer events
•Send a detailed media kit to local press and food media Objective #2:
•Create a solid fan-base through social media over the next year by gaining more than 500 million hits online. Strategies:
•Increase social media presence through two-way communication Tactics:
•Hold a YouTube video contest to the Pinkberry theme song that will premier at the grand opening event
•Pinkberry “Pink-Mobile” locations will be posted on Twitter for the public to receive free samples of “Chi-City Swirl.” Objective #3 • Increase revenue by 20% through the first year of opening. Tactic 3:
• Pinkberry will have a grand opening event at their new Chicago location, along with their partner—the American Breast Cancer Society. • Christina Applegate will be featured in Pinkberry celebrity publications, social media, national broadcast, and print media. Strategy 3:
• Host special events for the grand opening of the Pinkberry establishment.
Create an advertising campaign to drive sales. Evaluation: To measure awareness and social-media fan-base we will look at the number of twitter followers, facebook likes and YouTube hits and compare them to our estimated numbers Surveys will be given to those who participated in our events and those who received samples from our "Pink-Mobiles"
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