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Physical Places: The Amazon River

Feilds Unit Project on the Amazon River By Jessie Brownie

Jess Brownie

on 14 September 2010

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Transcript of Physical Places: The Amazon River

The Amazon River Found in South America The worlds longest river? Some may think so but this river had actually been in competition with the Nile. Place: During rain seasons and the basin floods, the Amazon can be up to 40 Kilometers/ 202 Miles wide! It stretches through Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Columbia, Equador and Brazil and finally floods into the Atlantic. Location: The location varies as to where you are along the river. It stretches through many different places. Region: South America H.E.I. : Many people fish for Salmon in this river because many populate it yearly. Movement: Many people move along the Amazon because its an amazing food and water source. Sources Cited:
-Hamline University Graduate School of Education
-Extreme Science (www.extremescience.com)
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