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Her Fearful Symmetry

English ISU

Katelyn Andrade

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Her Fearful Symmetry

Her Fearful Symmetry By: Audrey Niffenegger Formalistic Approach Moralistic Approach Ending Plot Line Introduction The Twins Julia Valentina S
S Conclusion Structural - Narrative novel
- Style : Prose (form of
language which applies
ordinary grammatical structure and natural
flow of speech)
- Fiction
- Point of view: Third Person Conflicts Theme of Symmetry Symmetry: The quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis Valentina Julia Sympathy
VS. Valentina ("Mouse") is fragile and bossed around by Julia throughout the novel. The reader tends to sympathize for Valentina, and encourages her independence. Nearing the end of the novel, the reader begins to sympathize for Julia because of Valentina's selfish plans and lack of love for Julia. Marijke Martin Sympathy
VS. At first, the reader sympathizes with Marijke, and agrees with her decision to leave to Austria, because we don't fully understand the severity of Martin's OCD habits. The reader believes that their failing marraige is Martin's fault. Throughout the novel the reader notices how hard Martin really wants to try to repress his OCD tendensies to go out and find Marijke, and less effort on Marijke's side (Rare phone calls/letters) THESIS Her Fearful Symmetry depicts how sympathy can be easily altered throughout a novel. Elspeth Robert Sympathy
VS. The beginning of the book introduces the death of Elspeth, and continues on with her life as a ghost trapped in her flat. We sympathize more with Elspeth than her partner Robert (mourning her death) because of her struggle in her life with cancer, and her captivity in her flat as a ghost, with no socialization. It's as if she cannot escape suffering. At the ending of the book, the reader discovers Elspeth's true past. When Elspeth starts revealing her true intentions, sympathy goes towards Robert who is trapped in the middle of it all, with no choice but to help Elspeth and Valentina with their plan. Nearing the end of the novel, Elspeth does something terrible and gets on Robert's last nerve, causing him to make a life changing decision . Edie Jack Sympathy
VS. In the beginning of the novel the reader sympathizes for Edie, because her husband's lack of trust in her (Sending a detective to spy on her). Later on in the novel, when the reader learns what a mix up Jack has been in with Edie and Elspeth, we sympathize with him for having to deal with such extreme measures, and because Edie and Elspeth have been decieving him his whole life. Main
Characters Valentina Julia Elspeth Partner Aunt Aunt Twins Niece Niece Robert Love interest Respectable man
Tour guide at Highgate cemetery
Working on his Thesis
Falls for Valentina Aunt of the twins (never met them)
Dies of cancer
Ghost trapped in her flat where twins are staying Physically very fragile (often called "Mouse" by Julia
Mirror twins with Julia
Has heart problems and asthma
Falls for Robert
Wants to finish school
Wants to break free from the "twin-life" (Lack of independence). Bossy twin
Doesn't care about finishing school - no real passion for it
Interested/ fascinated with Martin
Truly loves having her twin Valentina Be careful what you wish for... Her Fearful Symmetry exemplifies the moral "be careful what you wish for" as each of the main characters are left with devastating circumstances after reality does not coincide with their fantasies. It presses the question of what you really want and the extent to which you will go to get it. London Flat Highgate Cemetery Martin's OCD Timid "Mouse" representing Valentina Elspeth's diary Tours at Highgate Elspeth wants... Because... Marijke wants... Because... Valentina wants... Because... Edie wants... Because... The use of character conflicts and lack of morals makes it evident to the reader that sympathy is most definitely something that is easily altered throughout the novel The title "Her Fearful Symmetry" is based on The Tyger by William Blake.

The tiger is
beautiful yet
also horrific in
its capacity
for violence.
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