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Fire From the Rock project

No description

Ben Rigor

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Fire From the Rock project

Sharon M. Draper Fire From The Rock Type of Fiction Important Charters in this story Fire From The Rock is a book about segregation in the late 1950's. It goes into some detail on how blacks & whites are treated. This book is historical fiction. Point Of View This story is written from a 3rd person omniscient point of view. The author used dialogue from the story and most emotions of all the charters. For example the author said "Where are you going, Gary Ms.Patterson demanded." You know how Ms.Patterson felt, and how she said it. Another example is "your going have to get over it and move on, Gary said harshly" Setting This story is mainily about Siliva Patterson. She
is the protagonist. Her brother Gary, is the
antagonist. Donna Jean, Silvia's sister is an example of dynamic characterization. Ms.Patterson Siliva's mom and Aunt Bessie, Siliva's Aunt are static characterization. They do not change the story. By: Ben Rigor One setting is the Patterson's house. At the begging of the book, for example, Siliva's sister, Donna Jean got bit by a dog, and their mom asked her to run the water, and get some alcohol to clean the wound. Also, their front porch needed new paint because the yellow paint on it was chipping off. Tone The tone in this story is suspenseful.
For example, "Im glad this is over,
said Donna Jean. Theme The theme of this book is just for you to realize how bad segregation was and to see how badly some people were treated just because of their skin color. Plot structure Explosion The explosion was when Silivas sister Donna Jean got attacked by the neighbors dog thats trained to attacked colored people Rising Action The rising action took place at the dinner table with Ms.Patterson, Aunt Bessie, Gary and Siliva. They were arguing about Gary going to a mixed school Conflict The conflict of this story is when the story down the street from the Patterson's get bombed.
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