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The Red Queen

No description

xylene rivera

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of The Red Queen

The Red Queen
Story line
The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is about a segregated world. Reds are known as the common people, they work and live in the slums, they're ruled by silver. Silvers run the government and are the highest rank of people there is, they have supernatural powers. A red names mare barrow was turning 18 and once you turn 18 you get conscripted into war. She has 3 brother already in the war and a younger sister. Soon she starts working for the silvers after being caught pit pocketing a silver, he offered her a job. (which was really the prince). While on duty she almost gets striked by one of the contestant to marry one of the princes, she discovers that there's lighting coming from her hands. Since every silver and red worker saw what went on, the royal family decided to make something up and tell everyone that shes a lost princess now found. She was put to marry their son maven. mavens brother cal, the man who gave mare a job is getting married to a princess names evangeline who hates mare. Cal and Mare get closer and closer throughout the book. Since mare is now of a higher rank she got to have Cal send a conscript release for her 3 brothers and best friend Kilorn. Her family knows nothing of what goes on except that she now works for the silvers. There's also a terrorist group called the scarlet guard, they want to take down all silvers.
Archetypal Characters
The theme of the book The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is work for what you want or believe in. Throughout the whole book Mare Barrow stood tall, strong and determined. She had a goal in the beginning of the book and still is heading toward it along the rocky road. She hates the silvers, she wanted both red and silvers to be equal. When she joined the scarlet guard. Their goal was to rule the silvers and teach them the ways of segregation the same way they treated all the reds.
Themes & Symbols
The symbol of the book may be the difference in blood or the book Julian gave Mare with all the information on the new species found which she Farley now has.
Lesson of the book
The lesson of the book The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is to trust no one. Anyone and everyone can turn on you in a second. I noticed that the main character Mare Barrow kept saying that especially in the ending of the book. There are so many betrayals in this book.
Reflection to societal issues
In the book the world is segregated. They separate different blood types, red and silver. One side rules the other in this case the silvers rules the reds. It reminds me of how the blacks and whites were segregated.
Hero's Journey
Ordinary world: The main character is Mare Barrow, jobless about to turn 18 and be conscripted into war.
Call to adventure: She gets caught pit pocketing. Her sister Gisa and Mare gets caught stealing again but this time a silver and he offers her a job to work for the silvers.
Refusal of the call: Mare suddenly has powers attempts running away. (chapter7)
Meeting with the mentor: Julian Jacos helps her bare with things such as her powers when shes angry. (chapter 13)
Crossing the first threshold: Cal and Maven take Mare back to see her family and tell them shes okay. (chapter 14)
Tests: Mare starts training with other silvers in protocol and in the arena. (chapter 15/16)
Approach: Maven joins mare in the scarlet guard. (chapter 16)
Ordeal: Maven and Mare plan to attack certain targeted silvers at the ball. (chapter 17)
Reward: When Mare had Maven already on her side she believed she would get Cal on her side as well.
The road back: Queen and Cal have Maven and Mare locked up in a cell. (chapter 25)
Resurrection hero: When Mare and Cal are at the arena fighting off the five people or groups of people.
Return with elixir: When Mare wakes up on a train and sees Kilorn, Farely, Walsh and Shade alive she is surprised she thought they all dieD. she also sees cal in chains. They both hate each other but have one thing in common they want to kill Maven. (epilogue)

By: Victoria Aveyard
Mare is the archtypal character of Sophia. Sophia allows woman to be seen with both a negative and positive quality. She's Sophia because even though she used both Cal and Maven for her own needs. At the end of the book queen Elara saw her positive quality which was really caring for her son Maven after seeing all her negative qualities.
Kilorn is self. self is the unification of unconsciousness and consciousness within them self. he's self because everything he did, he did it to protect Mare. He didn't care what would happen to him, he just wanted to protect his best friend Mare.
Maven is the trickster. Trickster is very intellect and secretive. I say hes the trickster because he tricked not only tricked Mare herself but his own family, he betrayed them all. He made it seem like he cared and he was very innocent when in reality he was actually the very opposite.
Cal is the hero. The hero is admired for courage and his achievement. Cal is the hero because he is very courageous, careless and protect full. He protected Mare to the very end, hes very selfless.
Farley is animus. Animus is the unconsciousness of a woman expressed as a masculine personality. Shes animus because shes the leader of the scarlet guard. She has power, intellect and initiative.
Julian is the wise of old man. The wise old man has wisdom and judgement, mostly seen as a bad person and is soon killed off so that the hero can develop them self. I say that Julian is the wise old man because hes the one who got Mare through it all and was later killed by Maven because he we was on her side.

Mare decided to join and During a meeting a silver comes out of the shadows and joins them also. Mare sees that the silver who joined was Maven, the prince. They had planned to target people (Mavs list) at the ball. Theres a romantic vibe with Cal and Mare. When the ball was attacked Cal went out with his allegience to hunt the scarlet guard down. They found Walsh, Kilorn, Tristan and Farely and locked them up. When Mare saw who Cal had caught she knew she had to find a way to get her friends out of there. When Evangelines brother come, he comes for revenge and kills Tristan. Mare without hesitation attacks her brother and later that night helps her friends escape. The king finds out they escaped. They found blood at the crime scene and it turned out to be mares blood. Maven said hell help her and then kisses her. Julian left the land because he knew he would get caught by the silvers. Before he left he hid a gift for Mare behind a frame. the gift was a book, a book that had names and dates of war deaths. In the book was a letter that Julian wrote to Mare stating how mare not only has red blood but she also has silver blood. The people in the book didnt die in war, they were executed. The names in the book were people just like Mare including her brother Shade. Mav gets Cal to destroy her record of when she was a red.
Mare and Mav sneak out to meet up with Farley, she convionces them that its a good idea to and convince Cal to join them. Mare says she positive that she can get him to join them because hell do anything for her. When Mare actually tries to convince Cal, she confesses that she apart of the scarlet guard and that she and Maven been involved with everything the whole time. Cal gets ragged and has both Maven and Mare arrested. From there thing twist and shock you. The book ends with Mare, a prince and the scarlet guard out on a search for the people in Julians book. They both want to get revenge on someone.
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