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residental schools

No description

maya silverberg

on 23 June 2016

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Transcript of residental schools

Big question
How will the European
community make it up
to the Indigenous

- More than 4,000 of the school children died

-“The death rate was much higher than non-indigenous kids.”

- Sexual abuse

-Some died of suicide,
children died in runaways and were found frozen to death in snowy fields

Abuse in residential schools
ResidentIal Schools

By :

What are residential school's
Reidential schools are a place where kids forms indigenous community where taken away from their family and taken to these schools to be abused, killed, tough to not follow their religion and way more. And eats the same food every day including soup, sandwich, milk and an apple.
PEOPLE THINK THAT IF WE GUST APOLOGIES IT WOULD BE ENOUGH FOR indigenous community BUT IT IS NOT BECAUSE indigenous community HAVE certain human RIGHTS such as being recognized in canadian identity and way more. after hearing that indigenous people have human rights too how would you feel if you only apologized. possibly remorseful, regretful and way more including sadness. and most likely you will not feel joyful and happy because that just goes to show that you don't CARE about how they feel now they probably are scarred from what they went threw. now do think that if we gust apologies it would be enough to make it up to the indigenous community .
1. Kennedy, M. (2014, January 3). At least 4,000 aboriginal children died in residential schools, commission finds. Retrieved June 13, 2016, from http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/at-least-4000-aboriginal-children-died-in-residential-schools-commission-finds

2. EU's policy on Indigenous Peoples. (n.d.). Retrieved June 20, 2016, from http://eeas.europa.eu/human_rights/ip/index_en.htm

3. Cairo, M., & oncin, L. (2015). Canadian community's , past and present. Toronto: Nelson education.

4. Indian residential schools commemoration project. (n.d.). Retrieved June 22, 2016, from http://www.anishinabek.ca/irscp/irscp-about-residential.asp

why did people start residential schools
people started residential schools because the european community wanted to get rid or isolate the indigenous religion in kids. or in words of europeans " to kill the indian in the child "they did this by abuse, AND WAY MORE.

1. Now after hearing the answer to my big question do you think the apologies were enough to make it up to the indigenous community ?

2. How long would it take for the mental and physical scars to heal ?
Thank you for watching my Presentation

and good luck on yours
european community's
these community's started residential schools because they wanted to avoid following the indian religion. in the worst way kid where abused, tortured, mistreated and even killed if the did not follow the european ways
why is it good that residential schools are closed
if residential schools did not close and they are changing the religion of everyone we might have bean taken away from our family's and forced to learn a different religion , abused sexual, physical and mentally. that and way more this all would of happened to us if they did not stop residential schools.
indigenous community's
indigenous community had no choices but to go to these schools because possibly if not they would get killed by abuse in these schools.
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