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Senior Project Presentation

No description

Madison O'Connor

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Senior Project Presentation

Welcome Judges To my Senior Project presentation on TEACHING Thesis: While elementary education and secondary education may be two sides of the same coin there are actually several major differences between the teaching styles which are popular in these fields Choosing a topic was very easy for me.
When I heard about the Senior Project class I immediately knew that I wanted to learn skills that would help me become a teacher in the future. The End Key Findings The different focuses of education and development are represented by the different teaching styles employed in elementary and secondary education

One major difference between elementary level teaching and secondary education level teaching is the values that are focused upon

The level of specialty learning required varies greatly based upon the level of education My physical product consists of a lesson plan which I worked on with Mrs. Terranova and helped to teach the class Practicum Research Paper Choosing a Topic Product For my practicum I worked with my mentor Mrs. Marita Terranova in her second grade class room at Cold Spring Elementary School. By: Madison O'Connor The BIGGEST things I have learned It's hard to balance being friendly with being in charge Being an intern makes it difficult to have any control over students They could tell that I had no idea how much power I had in the class A lot goes into making lesson plans that fit the curriculum Learning
Stretch This project represented a learning stretch for me because I had never really seen what goes into being a good teacher. I learned that it takes a lot of time and effort to teach a class Teaching good morals and right vs. wrong in elementary
Teaching a love of learning in secondary Fundamentals taught at Elementary level
More advanced material taught at Secondary level Elementary Education: major in elementary education; learn how to teach all subjects
Secondary Education: major/minor in preferred subject as well as in secondary education
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