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Twist and Turns park

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catalina claus

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Twist and Turns park




Catalina Claus,

Maley McArthur,

Mackenzie Harris,

Jade Simpson &

Chloe Cote
Why you should install Twist & Turns Park in your community...
Twist & Turns Park is a family and disability friendly park . That provides a fun yet safe environment for kids ages 1 and up. We chose this design for it uses a variety of materials that are long lasting , low maintenance and safe.


Twist & Turns Parks has many fun, handicap friendly and safe features like...
small playground which includes
slide, ladder and ramps
big playground which includes
a tube slide, rope climber, a ladder, a tower and ramps
rubber mulch ground
and garbage bins
Closer details

The Swings

Materials used

soft foamy material for the swings
plastic for the handicap swings
metal chains covered by protective rubber
steel frame
*all materials need low maintenance
How are the swings safe?
How are they handicap friendly?

The materials used make the swings are safe for they are all long lasting materials that will not break unexpectedly, the chains have protective covers so kids don't get caught in or pinched by the chains, the materials used are non shatter materials and are rust free, the kids swinging have a soft landing because the ground is made of rubber mulch and more.
Also the swings are safe the materials are very strong, durable and supportive.
The swings are 30 inches apart providing safety so the kids will not bump into each other
The swings are handicap friendly for there is a handicap swing. The swing is handicap friendly for it is made of very strong plastic and the form of the swing is very supportive to the user. The swing has a harnest so the user does not fall off. Also it is handicap friendly for there is enough space for a wheelchair to pass by safety
The cost
The swing set will cost about...
baby swing-53.00 x 3.00= 159.00
protective chain cover -13.00x12=156.00
handicap swing-79.00x1=79.00
big kid swing-36.00x2=72.00
swing frame=250lbs-1.50/1 llbsx250= 375.00
The seesaws
The Materials


The 2 seesaws are safe because first they are 3 ft apart giving enough space to play while avoiding hazards like being hit or more. Also they are safe because there is a springing centering device that prevents intense contact with the ground providing a safe environment. Also they are safe because there are handles at both ends so the kids can play without falling off and they are safe because the material used is steel. For the most part steel is durable, strong, supportive and more
The cost
steel is 1.50 per llb and there is 100 llbs in total 1.50x100= 150.00
Springs 4x20.00=80.00
Total=230.00$ for 2 seesaw
The baby playground
The Materials used

steel railings
steel ramps
plastic (for the slide)
Steel ladder
rubber mulch
tru loc (which is a safety lock that is easy to maintain and to apply)
The little playground is safe for first off it has a floor that is made of rubber mulch. Rubber mulch makes this play set safe for when kids fall for it reduces the impact. Also the small kids playground is safe for all around the play set there is a 3ft tall railing that has cubed rails so kids heads can't get stuck. The railing also makes this play set safe for it supports the kids when they get on or off the different equipment . this play set is safe because the materials used for the equipments (plastic and steel) are very strong, durable and need low maintenance. Also they are safe because they are 3 ft long so if kids do fall of the equipment they do not get hurt. the steps on the ladder are only 20cm apart providing safety. The play set is safely seccured by a product called tru loc which holds materials together and it easy to install.
How is this play ground handicap friendly...
It is handicap friendly because first off there is 2 ramps both 6 ft wide. This makes the play set handicap friendly for it allows wheelchairs or walkers to pass by with more than enough space. Also it is handicap friendly for the floor/the surface of this play set is made of rubber mulch making it easy for wheelchairs and walkers to move smoothly around the play set.
The cost will be about...
slide-40.00 each x 1= 40.00
steel-1.50llb x 1000=1500
Ladder-50.00 each x 1= 50.00
Rubber mulch-0.52 per llb x 1000= 520.00
Total- $ 2060.00 (about)

BIG playground
The materials
Handicap friendly
The cost
The materials used are ...
steel-for the railing, the ladder, the tower and the frame
plastic- tube slide and the windows on the slide, the roof of the tower, the connectors for the rope ladder
rope- ladder
rubber mulch-surface
tru-loc-to secure all pieces together
The Benches
The floor/ground
The garbage bins
We put garbage bins in because it will help the environment be more safe for the kids playing. Also we put these garbage bins in for they will help people enjoy Twist & Turns Park more for it will be a clean environment. It will cost $100 to put 2 garbage bins in
It is safe firstly because it has a tube side that is made out of durable plastic that need low maintenance and it is very strong and supportive for the user. The tube slide on the play set is also safe because it has a soft landing for the playground ground that is made of rubber mulch. Again it is safe because their it non shatter plastic windows on the slide that allows light to come in so kids can see and so they do not get scared. Also around the whole playground there is steel fence with curved lines providing securities for your face will not get stuck, you will not fall off and it will help to get on or off the equipment. . Another feature that provides security is 3ft tall latter, a 6ft tall rope climber and a tower that is 9ft tall that leads to the slide. All these features are made of strong, durable, and low maintenance materials like steel, plastic and aluminum. . All these features have the railing beside them for support to get on or of the equipment. The tower on the playground is made of strong plastic and it has a dome on the top which makes the structure stronger and long lasting. The steps on the ladder are 30 inches apart allowing the kids to get up and down safely also the steps on the rope climber are 35 inches apart again allowing a safe trip up or down. The rope climber and the play set is held together by strong plastic also called Tru-Loc.

We chose to put benches in the Twist & Turns Park because it is a nice spot for guardians to watch the younger children also it is a good spot to just sit and relax for the bench is made of aluminum and wood meaning it is rust free. This bench is also handicap friendly for if they want to get off their wheelchairs and sit down there is enough space and support. The materials used are aluminum and wood making the total cost for 2 benches 1368$
How is it handicap friendly
It is handicap friendly for first off it has ramps that lead to all the equipment that are 6 ft wide allowing walkers/wheelchairs to pass by. Also it is handicap friendly for the tube slide is 6 ft wide allowing the handicap user to get off his/hers walker/wheelchair and go on the slide also the landing is very safe for the user for it has a big soft base. The surface of the play set is made of rubber mulch making it handicap friendly for handicap users can move easily on the play set
This playground will cost about...
steel-for the railing, , the rams the frame the tower and more is-900$
The slide-402.00 each there is only 1
The ladder-50.00 each there is 1
The rope ladder-111.00 each there is 1
rubber mulch surface-700$
plastic dome for the tower-200.00 each there is 1
The total cost: $2363

Total= about 841.00$
The Materials Used
Natural Rubber Mulch
The Cost
0.52 cents per pound and there is about 8400 pounds so the total cost will be 4368$
The floor of the playground is the most important feature for it has to be safe of anything. That is why we chose to put in natural rubber mulch for it is is flat surface meaning no puddles will be able to form so kids won't slip, trip or fall. Also we chose to put this kind of floor in for it decreases the impact when kids do fall for it is soft material.This kind of floor does not need a lot of maintenance and it will not cause stone, or wood chip wars/ fights because all the rubber is in one piece. Rubber mulch will be everywhere meaning there will be no materials that kids could trip,fall,or hit and hurt themselves on. We chose to put NATURAL rubber mulch for it contains less chemicals because it is a natural product. All these stuff provide safety

How is it handicap friendly
The ground of Twist & Turns Park is handicap friendly for it is an easy movement for wheelchairs or walkers. It has no spots were wheelchairs or walkers could get stuck. It also allows wheelchairs and walkers move smoothly on the ground to get to the different equipments.
Thank you for listening to our presentation and we hope you will install Twist & Turns Park in your community

The Total cost will be about...
The Railing
The railing of the play set is made of steel for it need to be strong to hold the kids weight and to help them get on or off the different equipment on the playground. The rails on the railing are curbed and are close together so the kids heads or other body parts don’t get stuck. We chose these railing for the material used is strong, supportive , long lasting so the kids are safe. The railings are 3ft tall so kids don’t fall off the play set and get hurt.
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