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No description

Greg Stewart

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Undertale

Greg Stewart
Undertale is an rpg developed by toby fox, and was relased on september 15th 2015.
The game follows the adventure of a human child, who falls
in to an underground world
populated entierly by
Just like with a normal RPG, you encounter enemies that attack you.
You can either 'Fight' or 'Spare' any enemy you meet in the game.
The type of game you play will depend on how you deal with enemies.
Neutral route:
The neutral route will happen if you kill any, but not every enemy in the game.
The amount of enemies you kill does still affect the strength of bosses near the end.
No mercy route:
There are a fixed number of enemies in the game, this route involves killing all of them and gaining as much exp as possible.
There is a huge spike in difficulty in this route, with the last boss manipulating game mechanics to win.
This route also irreversibly changes the outcomes of the other endings if it is seen through.
Pacifist route:
This route is the most compilicated of the three, and involves not only sparing every enemy in the game upon encouter, but also needs you to befriend all of the boss monsters in one way or another.
This route can only be played after the neutral route and is considered the games 'true' ending
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