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Mrs. Weber's 7th Grade ELA

No description

kathleen weber

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Mrs. Weber's 7th Grade ELA

My family!
I have taught English at Shore for 18 years and have also taught 9th and 10th grade English at Mentor High School.

I have one son, Brenden, who is an 8th grader this year.

My husband John and I enjoy playing basketball with Brenden and watching him play sports, working together in our home and yard, and spending time with family.
About Your Teacher
Behavior Policies
Positive Behavior
Teacher/Learning Center (TLC)
TLC's are served when you have a missing assignment.
You go to the teacher's room, or a designated area during your lunch to make up the assignment. (Be sure to bring your lunch with you).
1st TLC: Parent or guardian emailed.
2nd TLC: Call to parent or guardian
3rd TLC: 30 minutes before/after school detention
4th TLC: Parent/teacher/administrator meeting.
1. Be seated and READY TO LEARN when the bell rings.
2. Be PREPARED for class! Assignments are completed, study for tests, supplies daily.
3. LISTEN carefully, and follow instructions.
4. Try your BEST daily.
5. Treat EVERYONE with respect. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
Welcome Back!
Mrs. Hall's 7th Grade ELA
Classroom Rules
Positive referrals
Letters home
Reward ticket system
Behavioral Consequences
*Three Strike Policy

1. Warning
2. Strike given for not following a classroom rule
3. After 3 strikes a 30 minute detention
will be issued before or after school.
*Strikes and detentions will be determined depending on the behavior.
Summative (test) Retake Policy
If the quiz or test is not passed, you will be
to retake it the next day.

All students are welcome to retake assessments if they want to improve their score;
these retakes must be completed the day after the assessment is returned.

You will develop a plan or strategy for passing on the
test retake form

Homework and Participation equal
20% of your grade.

Quizzes, tests, projects & writing assignments equal
80% of your grade.

All major assignments will be completed.
Academic Integrity

Any assignment that you copy or is not
YOUR work will receive a zero with NO

Cheating on quizzes and tests will be an automatic zero and an office detention will be issued.
Email-The best way!
My email is:
Call: 257-8750
My website URL is:https://sites.google.com/a/mentorschools.org/mrs-hall-s-7th-grade-english/

This has everything you need!

Classroom Policies
1. Use the restroom in accordance with the school policy.
2. Do not throw away trash or sharpen a pencil during instruction.
3. Make sure you have a LEGITIMATE pass to enter the room late.
4. You will 100% of the time be marked tardy if you do not have a pass.
5. Always get your homework and turn it in on time with quality effort.
6. Use cooperative learning rules.
Family Fun

Brenden and our dog,

You will need to bring a book to class every day !
in the Classroom includes...
~Helping each other with work completion ,
directions, materials
~Saying please, thank you, and excuse me
~Use a complete sentence for apology.
~Make eye contact when talking
~Answering a request to do something from a staff member
~Following school rules at all times.
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