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Talis @King's

No description

Maria O'Hara

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Talis @King's

Talis @
Evolution of Talis @King's
The early days
The Process Review
To decrease lead time for acquisitions and digitisations
To identify duplication of effort.
To work out a transition plan.
The Outcomes (so far...)
Increase in the number of digitisation requests received via Talis:
2013/14 - 13 requests
2014/15 - 61 requests
Improved review completion times:
Jan-Apr 2014 - 94 days
Jan-Apr 2015 - 22 days
Beta-test new Reviews module
Promote Academic Engagement.
Improve Training Resources.
Use journals information
Expand Digitisation Service
Context for Talis @King's
International research-led university in the heart of London.
8 faculties encompassing 101 departments.
Strong emphasis on teaching - around 1000 modules.

Why we needed a Reading List system
Acquisitions-led project.
Response to NSS - Improve consistency of resources across college.
Part of larger strategy.
Dedicated Reading List Officer oversaw initial implementation.
Promoted service as a way to get better resourced modules.
Acquisitions Officers used Reviews modules for purchasing.

A Vision for Reading lists
Aim: to have a reading list available online via MyReadingLists for all appropriate modules by the beginning of academic year 2016-17.

Aimed to introduce a top down approach.
Expectations were raised - we needed to meet them.
Integrating Talis Aspire into Acquisitions and Digitisations workflows
Teething Problems
Content generation went well.
Confusion about service.
Sporadic digitisation requests.
The Reading List Fulfillment Service
Briefing paper to College Education Committee July 2014.
Laid down guidelines for purchasing and digitising resources.
Sylvia Ford and Mia O'Hara,
Acquisitions and Discovery Officers, King's College London
Contacts: Sylvia.Ford@kcl.ac.uk
Clearing the Backlog
Why we needed it
Steady growth in use of both services
By 2013/14 1080 lists were on Talis
Time taken to complete reviews:
2012/13 - approx. 57 days
2013/14 - approx. 105 days
What it was
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