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Entertained: or are they?

No description

William Loewen

on 20 August 2017

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Transcript of Entertained: or are they?

Entertained: or are they?
ENTERTAINED: or are they?

A TV channel which is just a constant video feed of other people watching TV.
Trinity Mennonite Church
August 13, 2017

On the seventh day, when wine had put the king in high spirits, he gave an order to Mehuman, Biztha, Harbona, Bigtha, Abagtha, Zethar, and Carcas, the seven eunuchs who served King Ahasuerus personally. They were to bring Queen Vashti before him wearing the royal crown. She was gorgeous, and he wanted to show off her beauty both to the general public and to his important guests. But Queen Vashti refused to come as the king had ordered through the eunuchs. The king was furious, his anger boiling inside.
- Esther 1: 10-12, CEB
Then an evil spirit from the Lord came over Saul. He was sitting in his house with his spear in hand while David was playing music. Saul tried to pin David to the wall with his spear, but David escaped Saul. Saul drove the spear into the wall, but David fled and got away safely.
- 1 Samuel 19: 9-10, CEB
Up to 1/2 of us are “often bored” at home or at school, while more than 2/3 of us are “chronically bored” at work.
The irony is that while our mobile devices should allow us to fill every moment, our means of obtaining that entertainment has become so repetitive and routine that it’s a source of boredom in itself.
· Boredom helps stimulate creativity.
· Boredom can help us set goals.
· Boredom can make us feel charitable.
· Boredom boosts productivity.
· Boredom might be the key to happiness.
Rejoice, young person, while you are young! Your heart should make you happy in your prime. Follow your heart’s inclinations and whatever your eyes see, but know this: God will call you to account for all of these things.
- Ecclesiastes 11: 9, CEB
But at Herod’s birthday party Herodias’ daughter danced in front of the guests and thrilled Herod. Then he swore to give her anything she asked.
- Matthew 14: 6-7, CEB
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