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A Secret Lost in the Water

English- Short Story Culminating Assignment

Alexa Strickland

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of A Secret Lost in the Water

A Secret Lost in the Water Roch Carrier Theme Motif Theme
Motif Theme: "Lessons Lost Through Generations" The theme represents important lessons being lost as they pass through generations Motif: Things being passed on and forgotten through generations The motif shows different examples throughout the story of lessons being taught, lessons being lost altogether, and people who are affected by the loss of these lessons These examples from the story are important, because they signify that adults have over time gathered potentially valulable information that should be passed on to our generation; there are so many things that have been lost already At the beginning of the story, the boy tells readers that his mother passed on to him the gift of spelling and literature. Later in the story, the boy has
become a man and reveals to readers
that he has forgotten or lost the
gift his father once gave him. Motif The recurring elements in
this story are things being lost and other things being passed on through generations. Theme: "Lessons Lost
Generations" "'Don't feel sorry,' said the man, thinking no doubt of his farm and his childhood; 'nowadays fathers can't pass on anything to the next generation.'" In this story, the father teaches his son dowsing; the son loses the gift along with his father. Theme and Motif "I was very intoxicated by the
new game of spelling... it was
my mother who wrote our letters..." "...I had forgotten my father's knowledge" "Somewhere along the roads I'd taken since the village of my childhood I had forgotten my father's knowledge"
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