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Life Is Our Identity


hector bardales

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Life Is Our Identity

Life Is Our Identity Hector Bardales Love It Identity Life Use It Who Am I? Don't Hide Am I Important? Love life and appraise for all the happiness it has. Embrace it with your hands and let it fall into your heart. Life is something that doesn't last forever, but its power is infinite. Care for It Even in the hardest times in the darkest room and in the most painful day if do what is right. Save those that you know and you don't. Remain calm and remember to take care of your life. Life is not something to play with yet it can be entertaining. It is the most wonderful gift that we can receive. It begins before were are born it is found everywhere. Use it wisely. Is it hard to figure out who each of us are? If you cannot identify yourself who else will? Show the world who you are amaze them and you shall be praised. If I am not good at sports, at art at school why would someone care to notice me? Everyone has a special quality in which they are good at, with which they can move and inspire others. You can be anyting you want to be. Put the old costume away and be someone worth of imitating. Be someone inspirational willing to be a hero someone who won't only save lives, but save people whose faith is lost. Come out of the shadows of darkness that bewilder us and see the light that will one day save us all.
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