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Jordan Youd

on 5 April 2017

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Transcript of Conflict

Case Studies in Quality Conflict Management
Brad Heckman, CEO, New York Peace Institute
Win-Win Approach
Creative Response
Aims to solve conflict as partners rather than as opponents.
Aims to transform problems into creative opportunities.
Aim to build communication tools in order to build rapport. Use listening to clarify understanding.
Appropriate Assertiveness
Aims to apply strategies that attack the problem not the person
Co-operative Power
Aims to eliminate "power-over" in order to build "power-with" others.
Managing Emotions
Aim to express anger, fear, hurt, frustration, etc. wisely in order to effect positive change.
Willingness to Resolve
Aims to foster an atmosphere of cooperation into the conflict resolution. Acknowledgment that the best solutions are corporate.
Mapping the Conflict
Aim to define the issues that lie at the heart of the conflict in order to chart common needs and concerns.
Development of Options
Aim to develop creative solutions together because this type of behaviour fosters cooperation as well as ownership of the eventual solution.
Broadening Perspectives
We all have distinctive viewpoints that may be equally valid from where we stand. Each person's viewpoint makes a contribution to the situation and requires consideration and respect in order to form a complete solution. Remember that the person on the other side sees the righteousness of their cause just as clearly as you do.
Conflict Resolution Assignment
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