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Gabriella De Leonibus

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Shakespeare

Jigsaw Why study Shakespeare? Shakespeare's Life London: the best sights The Globe Shakespeare's Plays Romeo and Juliet Drama Hamlet William Shakespeare was born on 26th April 1564,
his parents were John and Mary.
William attended the Local Grammar School,
where he learned Latin and classical writers.
He married Anne Hathaway and soon after he
left London to become an actor
in "The Lord Chamberlain's Men".
However William became famous as a playwright of comedies and tragedies. He was a part owner of the playhouse: The Globe.He had a period of depression and he died in 23 April 1616. However Shakespeare's LIFE IS STILL...... - The Rose (theatre) was built in 1587
and was abandoned in 1605.
-The Swan was built in 1595. It was
located across the River Themes.
After 1615 it was desert for five years.
-London Bridge: several bridges
that have spanned the River Thames
between the City of London and Southwark
and opened to traffic in 1973.
- Tower of London: was a palace and fortress,
prison and now museum because
there are crown jowels. The Globe was built in 1597
by Shakespeare's Chamberlaine's Men
and destroyed by fire in 1611.
It was octagonal and
it had open space in the center.
The actors was only man
and the children were only for the choir.
Now there is a proposed
opening in 2013. Two masks represent the division
between comedy and tragedy.
The elements of drama are:
a playwright, a written text, actors, director,
designers, musicians and an audience.
A play consists of a number of 5 acts.
The protagonists are: a hero and a heroine;
in the tragedies there is a villan. In Verona two families,
the Montagues and the Capulets,
are locked in a feud.
First Act: meeting of Romeo and Juliet.
Second Act: development of relationship and secret
wedding of the two lovers.
Third Act: Mercutio is killed by Tybalt,
Romeo kills Tybalt and go to Mantua.
Fourth Act: Juliet takes a drug that makes
her seem dead.
Fifth Act: Romeo and Juliet died. -First Act: the king of Denmark has died and the
Queen Gertrude has married his brother Claudius.
A Ghost resembling the King of Denmark
appeares at the castle and asks
Hamlet , the King's son, to revenge him because
he has been murdered by the same Claudius.
-Second Act: Hamlet pretends that he is mad and
Polonius, the king's Councellor, thinks Hamlet's
madness is caused by his love for
his daughter Ophelia.
-Thirf Act: Hamlet kills Polonius and he is sent to England.
-Fourth Act: Ophelia goes mad and drowns herself
and her brother Laertes wants revenge.
-Fifth Act: the queen, Laertes, Claudius and
Hamlet die; Fortinbras
becomes the new king. Shakespeare's plays are difficult to be dated because
he didn't write his plays to be published,but only folios
for his actors to be acted out on the stage. Therefore
his plays must be dated by crossing different elements:
- External evidence: clear mention or reference to a particular play; it gives the date of the first performance.
- Internal evidence: is the kind of evidence when the play itself includes a reference to an identifiable evente.
- Stylistic evidence: a play can logically be placed in a precis period of its evolution. THE ROSE THE SWAN LONDON BRIDGE TOWER OF LONDON
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