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Copy of IT Help Desk Summer

No description

Albright IT Help Desk

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of IT Help Desk Summer

Welcome to the
Help Desk!

IT Help Desk
Media Services

Any questions?
Check out our website at:
Featured Student Technician
Class of 2015
From: Reading, Pennsylvania
Major: Business Administration
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Vacation: Bahamas
Mac vs PC: Mac
Favorite Building: Pond
Favorite App: Vine
Unique Fact: Scuba Certified
Hobby: Karate and scuba diving
HelpDesk Hours
IT Webpage
Media Services Featured Item
Did You Know?

Albright College IT Services' staff members will never ask for your password or account information via email or phone.
Contact Us!
Have an issue?
Call us at
Speak to any Student Tech to rent this item!
Fun Fact!
Americans worked 12-hour days and 7-day weeks (yikes!) in the late 1800s. Kids as young as 5-6 years old worked in factories.
Avrian Alvarez
Featured IT Employee
School:98' Widener University
From: Wyomissing, Pa
Major: Psychology
Mac vs PC: PC
Fav App: Seesmic
Fav Building: Schumo Ctr
Fav Vacation: Myrtle Beach
Fav Food: Hamburgers and corn on the cob
Fav Hobby: Youth football coach
Unique Fact: Member of the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum
IT Tip of the Month

Check out our Twitter page for important updates and messages! @AlbrightITS
Network Manager
Monday - Thursday : 8 am to 12 am
Friday : 8 am to 5 pm
Saturday 10 am to 6pm
Sunday : 12 pm to 12 am

Always keep your computer or mobile devices up to date with current operating system patches and antivirus software protection. For information about free antivirus software, please refer to: http://antivirus.about.com/od/freeantivirussoftware/tp/freeantivirus.htm.
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