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Thyroid Cancer

No description

Lulu Magee

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer
What is Thyroid Cancer?
a cancer in the butterfly-shaped gland called the Thyroid.

cause is unknown.
Who's at risk?
women are three times more likely to get Thyroid Cancer.

can occur at any age

usually women are in their 40s or 50s

usually men are in their 60s or 70s

people with a diet low in Iodine

Radiation exposure
lump and swelling on the neck.

pain in neck, and sometimes ears.

difficulty swallowing.

constant wheezing or difficulty breathing.

hoarseness (not related to a cold)

a continuous cough (not related to a cold)

sometimes there aren't any symptoms (could randomly be found by a doctor)
How do you get Diagnosed?
blood tests


thyroid scan

Biopsy. Taking a sample of the nodule with a needle for examination under a microscope.
What are the Treatments?
Are there different Stages?
Stage I : Cancer has not spread to other parts.
Cancer is 2 cm or smaller.
Stage II: Cancer has not spread to other parts.
Cancer is 3-4 cm.
Stage III: Cancer has spread to the tissues outside.
Cancer is 4+ cm.
Stage IVA: Cancer has spread outside tissues maybe to lymph-nodes.
Cancer is any size.
Stage IVB: Cancer has spread to the tissue near the spinal column.
Cancer is any size.
Stage IVC: Cancer has spread to other parts of the body.
Cancer is any size.
Stage I and Stage II:
Removing the whole or part of the Thyroid Gland, with or without radioactive

Removal of all the lymph nodes that contain cancer, followed by hormone therapy.
Radioactive iodine therapy may be given following surgery.
Stage III:
Removing the whole Thyroid Gland, Radioactive iodine therapy, and external radiation therapy
Stage IV:
Cancer that has spread only to the lymph nodes can often be cured.

When cancer has spread to other places in the body treatment usually does not cure the cancer
but can relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life.
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Esther Earl
Esther Earl was diagnosed with metastasized Papillary Thyroid Cancer at age 12 when she was living in France with her family. At first the doctors thought she had a bad case of pneumonia but soon realized otherwise, and then was admitted to children’s hospital in Boston.
Have you heard of the books, The Fault In Our Stars & This Star Won't Go Out?
The Fault In Our Stars was inspired by Esther Earl!
This Star Won't Go Out is about Esther Earl's Life!
What Do You Think Thyroid Cancer Is?
Turn and talk to your neighbor and then raise your hand!
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