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HR MacMillan-KCI - FINAL - Apr 2018

No description

Paul Koreen

on 30 April 2018

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Transcript of HR MacMillan-KCI - FINAL - Apr 2018

framing the approach.
issues & opportunities.
success metrics.
HR MacMillan's study.
answering your questions.
today's focus:
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feasibility study.

outlining our approach.
building our partnership.
April 2018
planning a winning campaign
for HR MacMillan Space Centre.

review of
donor, stakeholder consultations
prospect pipeline assessment
multiple inputs... ...across spectrum... ...targeted, strategic
documentation review
Defining the Centre's distinctive ‘value proposition’
Translating vision into opportunities
Building on your culture of philanthropy
Growing organizational capacity
Engaging volunteer leadership
Crafting an integrated, multi-faceted strategy
What will success look like for us?
identifying, analyzing, closing the prospect gap...
...and focused on the 'critical few' metrics...
April 2018--------------------------------------June 2018
Deliverables: final report recommendations
Positioning the case
Volunteer structure and deployment
Staff resources and structure
Raising giving sights of donors
Identifying and engaging new donors
Structuring the campaign goal and associated costs
Campaign benchmarking
leverage KCI's experience...
...and senior consulting resources...
aspirational.............................................realistic financial
goal-setting management
...while striking the right balance.
...to turn vison into reality.
HR MacMillan Space Centre's
'inflection point' opportunity...
The view from the donor...
Consider the 'what if'...
Breaking patterns
Culture of 'yes'...
More than one right answer
Multiple lenses
stretch thinking. collaborative. integrated. measurable.
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