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The Journey of Keith Urban

No description

Emily O'Neal

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of The Journey of Keith Urban

The Journey of Keith Urban
By: Emily O'Neal
Full name is Keith Lionel Urban
Keith was born on October 26, 1967 in North Island, New Zealand
Moved to Queensland Australia when he was two and grew up there
Raised by his parents Bob and Marienne Urban
Has one older brother, Shane Urban
Currently is married to Nicole Kidman with two daughters, Sunday Rose (5) and Faith Margaret (3)
Went to rehab October 2006 to January 2007
He is a country songwriter, singer, guitarist, and television music competition judge
( Fun Facts)
(Keith Urban)
(Keith Urban Biography)
Keith Today
Currently has 10 albums
Fuse is his most recent album containing thirteen songs
Can play many different instruments including all guitars, piano, and the banjo
His favorite sport is soccer
He loves sushi and considers it his favorite food
His tickets today cost up to $140.00
(Fun Facts)
(Keith Urban)
Keith As A Boy
(The Courier Mall)
He inherited the passion of country music from his parents
At age 14 he had already won several talent shows
As a teenager he joined a band known as "The Ranch"
"The Ranch" released their first album in 1997
Soon after Keith decided to leave the band to pursue a solo career
Later Keith became a huge hit in country music with his first single "Somebody Like You"
(Keith Urban Biography)
Solo Career
First single as a solo country artist
Work Cited
http://www.aceshowbiz.com/celebrity/keith urban/awards.html
Keith has won around 120 awards in his many years of his solo career
He has won awards at 20 different music award ceremonies
Currently has received 6 awards in 2014
One of his most recent awards was "Male Vocalist Of The Year"
One of his very first awards was "Top New Male Vocalist Of The Year"
(Just Jared)
(Keith Urban Awards)
(Somebody Like You)
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