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Goblin Market by Christina Rosetti

No description

Caroline McLaughlin

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Goblin Market by Christina Rosetti

Lines of varied length
Catalog poem used in the description of the fruit and the men's description of the rape
Repetition of "Come Buy, Come Buy"
No set meter
Varied rhyme scheme
Begins with the description of the Goblin Market
Lizzie and Laura, innocent girls, are tempted by the Goblin Men
Laura trades her hair to eat the fruit the men sell and becomes addicted to the fruit
Lizzie is raped in her attempt to get more fruit for Laura who is having a withdrawal
Years later they become mothers and wives
Third Person Limited Omniscient
Reader is aware of Lizzie and Laura's feelings but is only aware of the actions of the Goblin Men
Time: 1750 - 1950
Place: Goblin Market
Represents the temptation
Pastoral setting
Contrasts the evil in the fruit
Contributes to the innocence of the girls
Image by Tom Mooring
Goblin Market
by Christina Rosetti

Major Characters
Lizzie and Laura
Represent innocence
Goblin Men
Represent temptation and corruption
Minor Character
Dies as a result from consuming the fruit
Filled with imagery, similes, metaphors
Goblin Market: Lines 4-31
Goblin Men: 71-76
Goblins attacking Lizzie: Lines 398- 407
Fruit: sexual desires 128-139
Fire: life
Lines: 278-280, 507-508
Kernel Stone 281-287
Similes: elongated to slow down the narrative
Lines: 409-410
"Like a lily in a flood" "Like a beacon left alone"
Lizzie vs. Goblins
Word Choice
Harsh words associated with Goblin Men
Rats, wombat, and whisked tails lines 71-76
Descriptive and enticing words associated with the fruit
Full and fine and rare pears
Show how the fruit is enticing lines 5-30
The author's written theme is "There is no friend like a sister."
Different interpretations include:
Be mindful of temptations
Do not talk to strangers
Protect your innocence
Shift in tone
In the beginning
In the end


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