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Copy of Organizational Culture

No description

Amir Madani

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Organizational Culture

Culture Xerox Story Change of leadership affecting the culture

Effective leadership succession planning Organizational Culture Organizational Corporate culture is the
personality of an organization TWO SIMPLE ONES




CULTURE Encourage & Rewards We, But Not I Emphasize on Strengths Encourage Ethics Open Lines of Communication Create Positive Culture Cisco Overview Founded in 1984
$45bn FY12 Revenue
>73500 employees
Offices in over 46 countries Cisco's Vision Change the way the world works, lives, plays and learns. Cisco's Culture Cisco developed employee involvement...

“Don’t ask for permissions, ask for forgiveness later”

“We are proud of the fact that we do more with less” Work Culture Top Management
Support Competition

Regular support through internet


Communication Use of
Technology What Drives the
Culture 1- Customer feedback

2- Customer satisfaction is the assessment as a continuous process.

3-Focus on identifying problem area with customers. HR transactions were done online

40,000 pages on web

Advanced Communication Committed to its Open Culture

Open Communication Teamwork

Sharing Knowledge

Volunteering Programs THANK YOU Visible Invisible Integrating the objective culture
Communication to facilitate cultural integration
Intermingling of employees CULTURE
LEADERSHIP Formal dress code
Branches across the country bore uniformity of color and design
Had ambitious plans from inception
More emphasis on sales and rapid expansion Ursula M. Burns
C.E.O since 2009 Xerox’s Old culture described as “terminal niceness”

Xerox’s new culture: risk taking, initiative and frankness For employees office was just like home
Majority of these employees spoke Tamil
There was no formal dress code in office Proactive Acculturation Strategy -Different cultures have different norms of behavior which are determined by the environment, the tasks and various personalities.

-Corporate culture is created by the individuals in the organization.

-An organization’s culture is made up of experiences and personalities that each person brings to the company.
This brings to the first three levels of culture in an organization:

-The first being physical

-Second level consists of Values

-The third and deepest are the beliefs of the
company and employees.
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