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No description

Erica Mellor

on 13 November 2012

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christmas at my house by Erica mellor FOOD where/when decorations MUM AN I USUALLY MAKE CHRISTMAS CAKE AND I MAKE A ICE-CREAM CAKE WITH SQUASHED
LOLLIES THAT HAVE BEEN FROZEN THEN MIXED INTO THE HOME MADE ICE-CREAM AND SOMTIMES MAKE GINGER BREAD AND FOR DINNER WE HAVE ROAST GIFTS The adults always do secret santa and my brother Alec and I get gifts from everyone Usually we go to
a family's house or my
house. we celebrate Christmas
on Christmas day we all have a turn of putting decorations up
on the tree and a week befor christmas we put lights up
them usually go for a swim after Mum and i plan Christmas on the last day of November When is Christmas pland thanks for watching gospel Matthew 1:18-25 why i chose this gospel? i chose this gospel because the birth of Jesus is like when the angle came and said that mary will have a baby so usually you celebrate when a baby is born so we celebrate the arrival of Jesus and enjoy
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