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What makes us human?

Basically what makes us human? Our characteristics? Our beliefs? Our human traits?

Winnie Deng

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of What makes us human?

Find your way to the treasure,
of "making" a human... What makes us human? Is it the culture? The beliefs? The body parts? Is it because we socialize in a different way? Or is it our sense of companionship that we always need?
Well, you're going to find out on this treasure hunt. ;) What makes us human? Is it the human body parts that make us different from animals? Does that make people without arms and legs not human? People without some body parts are also humans, they just have less body parts to move around with, that doesn't make them not human. Body parts are things that help humans move around with and make our life easier. Fortunately, the people without some body parts, they still live a normal life. They don't care if they don't have some body parts, they just live on with their life.
For example, a man named Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs, but he just gets on with his life. He now has a wife, and he's about to have his own family. So he's just a normal human. Human body Is companionship something that makes us human? Humans need a sense of belonging and relationship with something or someone. For example, a dog is a man's best friend. A dog follows around its owner like the owner has food, but the dog actually loves the owner. The relationship between the owner and the dog is indescribable, it is actually quite remarkable. They are companions for life.
I have many pets, and I care for them, and they are all my companions. Companionship Is it beliefs that makes us human? What about atheists? Does that make atheists not human either? Everyone has their own principles they live by, so that they might not believe in anything. Atheists are also humans, so beliefs is not something that makes us humans, but having principles or morals is.
In Christianity, humans are the "image of God" which means that we have the qualities of God. Also, since Adam and Eve sinned, Christians believe that they have developed bad habits and bad qualities from them. Beliefs Thank you for searching with me for the treasure hunt, hope you enjoyed it! :D CONGRATULATIONS!
You've learnt what exactly makes a human. Humans are naturally selfish, they put themselves before others. Their number one thing on their mind is survival. Survival is the main reason why people earn money to survive, but obsession over money can easily occur, which can into greed. Humans are always also jealous of other people's possessions. We always covet other people's possessions just because they want them, not need them. Humans rarely remember what they already have, they are already blinded by jealousy of the other person's belongings. Every human is unique, and has different behaviors and personalities. That's one of the factors that makes us human. Human Traits Self-esteem Humans have self-esteem, it is something that they naturally have. Self-esteem is a feeling of pride in yourself, loving yourself for who you are. It is how you view yourself. Too much self-esteem can result to snobbishness and cockiness. Humans have the ability to lower and higher their own self-esteem, and they also have the ability to change other's self-esteems. The human brain The human brain is an extremely developed body part and is a main reason we are "human". We have instincts to do anything to survive but we can also make decisions, so that we plan for the future. We also have imagination and we can create images in our mind and create many ideas. Plus, if we are stuck in a problem, we can try to fix and solve the problem. We can also control ourselves if we urge for something or an instinct, we can control what we say, for example, not saying rude comments, or we can say white lies.
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