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My Little Pony!

No description

Aspen Taylor

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of My Little Pony!

Fluttershy's and Rainbow Dash:
pet song
My favorite pony:Fluttershy
The finding of a ancient book
What I think about My Little Pony
I absolutely love my little pony. It is my
second favorite tv show. It is adorable
the shows a true meaning of friendship.
My favorite character in the show is
Fluttershy. She begins being really shy
but once Twilight gets to know her she
is fun and loves to talk to her friends.
I think she is the best pony on the show.

What I think you would like about mlp
You should give my little pony a try. Not
everyone like's my little pony but it is a good
show. I think you would like that it is a very
creative show. Not only the ponies but the
backgrounds. Pony's on my little pony are very
cute.You can see a message the show is trying to give everyone. The message tells you that even if you are different you can still be friends and have fun.
Fluttershy is so cute.She is a pegasus
and she don't really fly much.She is very shy when it comes to meeting new ponies.Her cutie mark is three butterfly's.
She has a huge love for animals and can always make her friends smile. :)
Watching the whole series and knowing
everything about the show
Google images
Pony Cutie Marks!
Some of my favorite MLP songs!
This Day Aria:
Twilight sparkle was having a terrible day.Tank,Rainbow's pet turtle,had knocked all the books off the shelf's.It would take hours to put all the books back in order.Rainbow was sorry that Tank had done that.Twilight forgave her for her friends sake.Even know she was mad.Fluttershy had heard what happened she felt sorry for Twilight.As she was helping Twilight clean up she had seen something very odd. A secret book was had been hidden in the back.It was a book from the Princess when she was a filly. They sprung out with excitement.Twilight and Fluttershy had read the whole journel before night fall. It was the most exciting book off all they both said. They rapped it up and gave it back to Celestia as a present. Celestia had been looking for it for ages. Now she had finally found the book that had the secrets of her and Luna before Luna changed.
MLP Facts
1. Twilight was a alicorn
until the end of season 3
2.Rainbow Dash wants to be a wonder bolt
3. Rarity wants to be a fashion stylist
4. Apple Jack gets lives on sweet apple achers
5. Fluttershy has tons of pets and is very useful
6. Pinkie pie is super hyper
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