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Hard Corals of Bermuda

Photographs of some of Bermuda's most common reef buidling corals (not all hard corals of Bermuda are represented here). www.bios.edu

Kaitlin Baird

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of Hard Corals of Bermuda

Star Corals
Montastrea cavernosa

Greater/Massive Star Coral
Brain Corals
Mustard Hill Coral
Star Corals continued
Sinuous Cactus Coral
Isophyllia sinuosa
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
Ocean Academy
Photos by: Kaitlin Baird

Hard/Stony Corals of Bermuda
Order: Scleractinia

Plate Coral/Fragile Saucer Coral
Agaricia fragilis
Golf Ball Coral
Favia fragum
Fire Coral
Not a True Coral- Hydrozoan, but reef builder in Bermuda
Branching Corals
Yellow Pencil Coral

Madracis aurtenra
Madracis mirabilis
Maze Coral
Meandrina meadrites
Diploria labyrinthiformis

Grooved Brain Coral
Pseudo Diploria strigosa

Symmetrical Brain Coral
Orbicella franski
Montastrea franksi

Lesser Star Coral
Porites astreoides
Starlet Corals
Siderastrea radians
Lesser Starlet Coral
Millepora alcicornis
Dichocoenia stokesii
Elliptical star coral
Stephanocoenia intersepta
Blushing star coral
Also seen as
Stepahanocoenia michelini
Ten-Ray Star Coral

Madracis decactis
photo: T. Noyes
Diffuse Ivory Bush Coral
Oculina diffusa
Side by side
Porites porites
Hump or Finger Coral
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