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vbDotNet01--basic knowledge

about the course

qi bing

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of vbDotNet01--basic knowledge

VB.NET Programming
About learning
How could you be a good programmer
What are programs
How do we call program in other way?
1.what is program?
Course information

basic commands in VB
2.data out:

note: about "print"
A simple example
Item: plus 1 to 1, and display the result.
Know about VB.net environment
About file(s):
(1)selution (project) file:
.vbproj or .sln
(2)form files:
windows: .designer.vb
codes: .vb
where do we write down the codes? when will the codes run?
What we should do is
the steps.

That is
Example 1: Tell us your
steps when you borrow a book
from college library, and draw
it with a flow chart
Example 2:
Tell us your weekend plan, and draw it with a flow chart.
Know about basic rules
Practice constantly
Programming is very easy, because it is beside our sides.
When you do something, you must
have a plan for a
serial steps
. In
computer, we call the steps
1.data in:
2.How to express a program?
3.What are the Basic commands in VB
4. How could you be a good programer.
5.How to use VB environment, like open / save files.
Contact me
Office room: F301
Phone no. : 7965745
: 13513099135
email : qybin@163.com
QQ : 409150377
praxis:The steps for eating an apple.
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