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Underwater Volcano's

No description

kylie vonhartitzsch

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Underwater Volcano's

Underwater volcanoes are underwater vents in the earths surface which can erupt. Magma causes the volcanoes to erupt.
How many are there in the ocean?
There are around 4,000 volcanoes per a million square kilometers on the floor of the Pacific ocean.
What does it look like when it erupts?
The lava/magma looks like glass when it is pushed up to the surface. Bubbles have trouble forming because of the increased pressure of the water. The lava /magma can also look like pillows of toothpaste being squeezed out of the tube.
What happens when a volcano erupts?
Some volcanoes can make island if they are big enough. But the small ones however can not make islands but they can make small rocks. The rocks Once formed will sink back down to the bottom and sometimes grows back onto the volcano.
Can it hurt fish or any animal in the water?
Yes, sadly if a fish is too close to the volcano the climate change can kill them. There have been no other reports of any other animals dying from underwater volcanoes that I know of.
How hot can they get?
Underwater volcanoes can get to 2,200 degrees fahrenheit or higher.
What causes underwater volcano's to erupt?
When the earths suface shifts or moves it causes the magma from the earths core, which flows up to the earths suface and explodes into the underwater volcanoes.
what are Underwater Volcanoes
what are underwater
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I got all my information
from this website.
You might want to take a picture of this!
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