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So much Closer

No description

Hannah Sundstrom

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of So much Closer

By Susane Colasanti So Much Closer Girl in Love Brooke is the main character she is shy and has
a huge crush on a guy named Scott when Brooke
gets enough courage to ask him out. He tell Brooke
he is moving to New York and she then decides
to tell her parents she is going to New York for
school and ends up moving there to find I boy
she barely even knows hoping to fall in love.
Beginning quote / symbol The symbol that would best describe the beginning
of the book is a cup of coffee because in the
beginning Brooke moves to New York the one thing
that calms her down down is a cup of coffee it is
what make her feel at home until she finds out
her crush has a girlfriend that works there.
middle quote / symbol In the middle the symbol is best described as
a clown nose Brooke is not worrying any more
about her crush she is just having fun and
making new friends she is almost over Scott
the boy she likes. p.4 Hannah Sundstrom End quote / symbol Brooke
( Brooke learned not to wasted here time on something that is not meant to last.) The symbol that best describe the end of the book is The saying the grass is always greener on the other side Brooke finds herself always wanting something but never getting it In the end she learn love what you have and live life. Brooke is a character who is easily pushed around is always wanting and always seconded guess herself. THE END "I want to turn this fantasy into reality ." " That day I'm set free will be the Best Day Ever." Other characters bully Brooke
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