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No description

Chance Schutz

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of senses

SIGHT! Whenever some one cant see, that means that they are blind. They can either be fully blind or partially blind.
For people to see, there must be light present. That way the light will bouce off the object giving us the ability to see what is there. Contacts! When light reaches the retina in the eye and an image is created, it moves to the rest of the brain through the optic nerve.Once the information passes from the optic nerve to the rest of the brain, it is sent to the occipital lobe, where sight is processed.The last part of the brain involved in sight is the visual cortex, where sensory and motor information is integrated with vision. Not all eye colors you see are absolutely real. People are able to put in contact lenses so that they can see better, or just to make their eyes look alot cooler (as seen above). Don't worry miss. All the pictures here came from the search engine bing (its better than google). && all the info presented to you here in this prezi came from my own mind. :)
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