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Presentation for Xternal Staffing- Recruitment, Scheduling, Training, Day of Event, Appreciation!

Sarah Chambers

on 2 March 2010

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Transcript of TRIDU XTERNAL Staffing!

Double click anywhere & add an idea RECruitment! all volunteers must fill out application sheet
recruit volunteers from
- on campus
START NOW and Continue until May 1st
Shoot for 80 and overschedule- Expect 65 to show up! AMS CLUBS
UBC Emerging Leaders
volunteer clubs
Est 10 volunteers HKIN Faculty
send email out through advising
EST 10 volunteers RESIDENCES
est 20 volunteers Career Services
On the website
EST 5 VoLunteers MErmaids for the Pool
post underwater signs
est 5 volunteers HIgh Schools!
email student councils and gym teachers
presentations during gym class
leave app forms in office
est 35 volunteers General Community
Yoga studios
health food stores
grocery stores
community centers
est 5 volunteers 1. Schedule work with team to determine # needed at each station at each time
schedule using given availabilities (use spreadsheet updated from last year)
print out schedule to provide at training
have rough draft ready for training date 2. Training! Presentation
what rec is all about
be part of a bigger whole
day overview! Breakout sesh
recieve ind. sched and meet with captains
if scheduling conflicts talk to me
2 training dates BTwn May 9th and May 12th 3. DAY O' EVENT EMail to volunteers unable to make training dates Check in desk for STAFF
outfit with materials
Ensure staff is picked up if their shift is over
provide food for all volunteers-aka the truck of volunteer Luuuuv.
4. Appreciation! 5. When checking out give reference letter signed by myself, include # of Hours volunteered AFter Event Email, encourage to apply for REC next year! TRRRRIIIII DUUUUU XTERNAL STAFFING!
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