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Revolts of Lakandula and Sulayman First Pampanga Revolt The Tondo Conspiracy Magalat's Revolt

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Brian Domingo

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Revolts of Lakandula and Sulayman First Pampanga Revolt The Tondo Conspiracy Magalat's Revolt

Revolt of Lakandula and Sulayman (1574) Magalat's Revolt, Cagayan (1596) - Cause : Lavezaris' Reversal of Legazpi's Policy
- Death of Legazpi : August 20, 1572
- Governor Guido de Lavezaris no longer exempted the native rulers and their descendants from paying tribute.
- Lakandula and Sulayman decided to rise in arms because of the policy
- Taking advantage of Lim-Ah-Hong's attack on Manila (1574)
- Proclaimed their revolt and gathered warriors in Navotas. - Cause : Abuses of Encomenderos
- Disgruntled by the way the encomenderos administered
- Some Pampangueño leaders connived with the people of Manila and Borneans to rise revolt
- Plan: to secretly enter the city of Manila one dark night and massacre the Spaniards
- A native woman who was married to a Spanish solder happened to learn of it and warned the Spanish authorities about it
- Leaders of the revolt were arrested and executed without any fair trial. First Pampanga Revolt (1585) Cause : Regain Lost Freedom
- Attempting to restore freedom and local leadership being enjoyed during the pre-colonial years.
- Agustin De Lagazpi, Martin Pangan, Magat Salamat, Juan Banal, Esteban Taes, Pedro Balinguit, Pitonggatan, Felipe Salonga, Geromino Basi, planned to overthrow the Spanish rulers in the country.
- Through a Japanese Christian, Dionisio Fernandez, Agustin de Legazpi, and his fellow conspirato rcontracted a Japanese sea captaon, Juan Gayo, to get arms and Japanese warriors to fight the Spaniards.

The Tondo Conspiracy (1587-88) - In exchange, half of the tribute collected in the Philippines will be given to the Japanese warriors including Fernandez and Legazpi.
- Help would also be secured from Borneo, Laguna, and Batangas.
- The conspirators with their warriors would then assault the city of Manila and start killing Spaniards.
- Salamat innocently revealed the plan to Antonio Surabao, a Cuyo native pretending to be a supporter.
- Surabao later recounted this to his master, Pedro Sarmiento.
- Sarmiento rushed to Manila and informed Governor General Santiago de Vera on Oct. 26, 1588, the existence of a conspiracy against the Spanish Government
- The governor ordered the arrest of all persons implicated in the revolutionary plot. Including Dionisio Fernandez, a Japanese interpreter.
- Suspects were investigated and tried in court. They were given harsh penalties.
- Cause: Tribute
- During the rule of Governor Francisco Tello,
two brothers instigated the people of Cagayan to rise in arms against the colonial government.
- One of the brothers was called Magalat.
- The uprising was suppressed by the authorities.
He and his men were kept exiles.
- The Dominican Missionaries of Cagayan persuaded Governor Tello to pardom them, after knowing the plight of the two brothers.
- The favor was subsequently granted.
- After Magalat was released, he went back to Cagayan and incited the people to continue the fight.
- Many Spaniards and loyal natives were killed by the rebels.
- Governor Tello sent Capt. Pedro de Chaves to quell the revolt.
- Spaniards hired native assassins. Then, Magalat was murdered in his own house.
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