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Suturing and Wound Care Workshop

No description

Louis Tan

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Suturing and Wound Care Workshop

Suturing and Wound Care Workshop
-The Procedurists-

1. Gain Attention
2. Inform Learner of Objectives
We have used
for this.
Cute animation will grab their attention !

The course objectives & the structure of the course are presented in the POWTOON.

A pretest is used to assess and gauge learner's prior knowledge.

We have used
to do this :

Is this a clean wound?
Does this wound require surgical debridement?
What dressing should we put on this?
-The Procedurists-
Target audience: PGY1
Basic wound care
Basic suturing skills
How would you manage this wound?
8. Assess Performance
Learners have to complete a set task within a time limit to be deemed competent.

Instructors will assess using a standardised form & the top 3 best learners will get prizes.

It is hoped that this REWARD and PEER PRESSURE system will elicit good performance using FRIENDLY COMPETITION.
9. Enhance, Retention and Transfer
Post-test using GOOGLE FORMS to assess whether the knowledge gap is bridged
Scheduled to repeat at intervals

Periodic posting of picture quizzes by teacher in the closed G+ community

Learners can continue to review the uploaded instructional YOUTUBE VIDEOS for reference.
4. Present Material
5. Provide Guidance
Instructional videos from
are used to teach basic skills and impart theory of wound care. Links are uploaded to the created
Google+ community
for the learners.

This is followed by a hands-on practical session with guidance from teachers ( facilitator/instructor/assessor )

A picture pre-test using Google forms or Poll Ev can used to stimulate learning.
Gagne's 9 Steps :

Blended Learning :
1. Course planning map
2. Asynchronous - online resources
3. Synchronous - hands-on workshop
4. Assessment - pre & post tests
6. Elicit Performance
7. Provide Feedback
Direct face to face interaction between instructor and learner during hands-on session.

Instant feedback could thus be given to allow for remedial action.
3. Stimulate Recall
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