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"Buffalo Soldier"-Bob Marley&the Wailers

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on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of "Buffalo Soldier"-Bob Marley&the Wailers

The term Buffalo Soldier was given to the African slave soldiers stolen from their country by the Americans to join in the removal of the West Indians from America. These Africans were called Buffalo Soldiers by the Native Americans because their dark skin, curly hair, and strength reminded them of the animal. To the Americans however, the Buffalo Soldiers were simply a segregated regiment of black cavalry fighters who would help them win the war "free of charge"
alo So
Bob Marley's main reason for writing this song with the wailers was to give his large audience a short lesson in American history but from the point of view of the Africans he wanted to inform listeners about the struggle the Africans faced during the time of colonization he uses some lighthearted humor and various rhyme scheme to effectively display his message when his iconic smooth-tone reggae voice



The song was released two years after his death in 1981, it was the first song released after his death on his album "Legend". Marley died from a brain tumor he refused to tend to medically and strictly relied on "Hellenistic" methods of healing.

"Everything is gonna be alright" -Bob Marley 1945-1981



Bob Marley the structure of this song to effectively
his message using his signature reggae
which includes various figures of speech, rhyme scheme, and subliminal messages.


"I mean it, when I analyze the stench
To me it makes a lot of sense"

Figure of
1- "Fighting on arrival, Fighting for survival"



Bob Marley
&the Wailers




-perfect rhyme:
"stolen from Africa brought to America", "Fighting
on Arrival Fighting
for survival"
-Imperfect rhyme: "Buffalo Soldier Dreadlock Rasta"
-Internal rhyme: "if you know your history then you would know where you coming from,then you wouldnt have to ask me, who the 'eck do you think I am".
-End rhyme: "woy yoy YOY! wow yoy YO!!"

-Here Bob Marley was referencing slavery, he was comparing the horrible situation the African slaves were in to that of a bad smell, which ironically was one of the factors contributing to the name "Buffalo Soldier"
"In the heart of America"
-In this verse, Marley is speaking about the early colonies and how the Buffalo soldiers played a big role in the establishment of America, specifically the early colonies which are personified as "the heart of America" due to their importance.
"In the arms of America"
The point of view of the Buffalo soldiers is clearly depicted in
this verse as
Marley says that the Africans are fighting for the victory
of the
Americans who enslaved them and not for their ancestors.
The real story of why the African Buffalo Soldiers were so "willing" to take a bullet for a country that wasn't theirs was because they were forced to, in order to keep the African slaves "motivated" the slaveowners threatened the slaves with death if they refused to fight.
A Bara



2- "Troddin' through San Juan, in the arms of America"
This single sentence carries an entire region of history with it. Here, Marley is referencing the Battle of San Juan Hill in which the Buffalo Soldiers contributed the most in and were actually commended publicly all around the colony for their bravery and strength.
3- "Woy yoy YOY! WOy yoy yo YOY!!
Strangely enough, this same tune was used in 1969 as the theme song for a children's show called "The Splits" and the only real connection i can make is that the characters in the show all appear to be under the influence of marijuana; a product that Marley is iconically associated with
Works cited

Thanks to both Bob Marley and
Google.com for the help with this

project =) #JUBLAY
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