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Pardot for marketing and PMs

No description

on 13 July 2015

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Transcript of Pardot for marketing and PMs

Email marketing guidelines explanation
Ideal structure
to use
Heading - description - call to action:

50 character heading
35 word description
70 character call to action

CTAs at the top of the email

3 articles / focus points is ideal to achieve the most clicks

Google uses similar principles
Focus on sessions started online and clicks on your email

Make it easy for your prospects with obvious places to click at the top of the email

Adhere to structure in guidelines

Organised and fair testing used to challenge any processes
Email hurdles
People are suspicious of emails

There aren't many actions that can be taken from emails directly

People have very short attention spans

Images are blocked by Outlook

Points to consider when producing copy
Marketing services, content creation, app building etc.
Tech Target
The leading global technology media company. $106m annual turnover
Simply measured
Social media strategy consultants with $30m turnover
Tech. Republic
Featured blogs, community forums and research. Bought by CNET in 2001 for $23m
Short paragraphs at the top of the articles to grab people's attention

Improve brand reputation

Increase brand awareness

Increase product awareness

B2B Email Marketing goals
(While also increasing visibility and improving tracking)
Relationship between sales and sessions
Thermo and Sigma
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