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Things that Make Cat Valentine Happy

Cat Valentine (played by Ariana Grande)

Elizabeth Ellen Glazer

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Things that Make Cat Valentine Happy

MEET: Caterina Bristol Valentine (a.k.a, Cat) People call her "Cat" instead of "Caterina". She says that only her Grandmother calls her "Caterina" Cat's mood varies but no matter what mood it is, it's always at the top of the mood-meter. She is very random and excitable but also insecure and does not suffer from ANY disability. She can change moods within mere seconds. Cat Cat is also very distracted half the time (especially by candy or food) Her catchphrase is "what's THAT suppose to mean?!" and its also a fair warning that she's upset with something that you just said. Cat's hair colour doesn't have to do with any sci-cological problems, the magenta-red colour is suppose to resemble a red velvet cupcake, which is her one of her favourite foods. She's cheery, bubbly and upbeat and energetic. Cat can also be slightly naive, & absent-minded but despite this, she is an intelligent person but has her own world inside her mind. her fun-loving and sweet personality is evident to her frequent giggling and laughing Cat is a very good dancer. She dances even without knowing. Her favourite place to shop is the SkyStore where she can find many unusual yet cool products. Cat is allergic to nuts and cats (which is unusual since her nickname is 'cat') Her favourite foods are cupcakes, potatoes, noodles and candies. Cat once got sent into a mental ward while helping her friends at the hospital. However, that's because the receptionist took her explanation (of why she was there) the wrong way and misunderstood. 5 ft
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