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Drake Biography

No description

Arkam Contractor

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Drake Biography

Drake is a Canadian jewish rapper and he was an actor on Degrassi
Drake Biography
By: Arkam Contractor
His full name is Aubrey Graham but
most people know him as Drake.
Drake was born on October 24th 1986
in Toronto, Canada. He went to Forest Hill
Collegiate Institute for his education. This school was a jewish school.
Both of Drake's parents had an interest
in music. In fact, his father was a drummer.
Their names were Sandi Graham and Dennis
Graham. Drake's parents divorced
when he was 5 years old and he was raised by his
mother in Forest Hill.
During Drake's rapping career, he made 6 albums:
1) Room for improvement
2) Comeback season
3) So far gone
4) Take Care
5) Thank me later
6) Nothing was the same
Before Drake started rapping, he
started acting in the Canadian teen drama series:
Degrassi. He was on it for 7 years (2001-09) and he
was 15 years old when he first got his role. Then, he
earned a 2002 Young Artist award for best ensemble in a TV series. This is when he thought
he could start his hip-hop career.
In 2006, he released his first mixtape, "Room for Improvement". It sold around 6,000 copies. The year after that, he released his second album, "Comeback season", which featured his first single,
"Replacement Girl". After that, in 2008, Drake went touring with famous rapper, Lil Wayne. After touring and recording with Lil Wayne, he released his third mixtape , "So Far Gone". This mixtape included his catchy single, "Best I ever Had", which featured No 2. in Billboard's top 100. Then, on June 10th, Drake released his first studio album, "Thank me Later"
In November 2011, Drake released his second studio album Take Care. This album included the songs Headlines, Make Me Proud,The Motto, and Take Care.
Although Drake had many
accomplishments, he also had many
In recent years, Drake and Chris Brown
had a feud over famous female singer Rihanna.
It got worse when they had a physical fight in 2012 in a New York nightclub. Many people got injured and
both of them faced legal charges and consequences.
This is my mini-biography
on Drake. As you have just read and listened
Drake was a most famous rapper who accomplished
many things and won many awards. He also faced many hardships. In my opinion, Aubrey Graham is one of the most
best rappers known to man.
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