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About Gingermarie

Family, Friends, Pets, Favorites, and Me.

Gingermarie Melson

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of About Gingermarie

Fun with Me and Alison Me my sister Tayana my frienf Alison and her sister Olivia. Left: Great wolf lodge I won the jackpot after winning the next game I one another Jackpot. middle Me at blue heron tillamook, Me at seaside Me and my bff Me as a baby! MMA And Activities Me now. Me and my Mom. Me and my Cousin Shyra. Me Now Gingermarie (me) as a baby and my mom. My Family My favorite Videos. My Hobies and interests I hate Everything Else. I like and respect People Family and Friends. My First Day Of Kindergarten Birthday Parties! I like anime mcr ETF Fit for Rivals, AFI, The Nearly Deads, A day to remember, fit for hire, All Tim Burton Movies, Writing, Drawing, Honesty, and having friends. Holidays with family. My Trips Me through the ages. Me as a toddler. Goal in life. To be a cartoonist/ animator, a writer, be in a successful Rock band, Buy a house with the nesessities, have a husband, and adopt a dog, and two kids then live outward from there.
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