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Author's Purpose

No description

Evan Emenegger

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Author's Purpose

Total Enrollment: 3,071
Gender Breakdown: 34% Male / 66% Female
ACT Composite: 20 / 25
ACT English: 20 / 27
ACT Math: 18 / 24
Average Amount of Aid
Grants: $12,707
Loans: $6,174
Author's Purpose
Harlem Renaissance in Perspective
To Explain
To Describe
 Menus
 Catalogs
 Travel brochures
 Some poetry
 Technical manuals
To Summarize
To make clear or give details about something;
To clarify the meaning or provide justification
To tell or depict in words;
To give an account of something by providing details of its characteristics
To state or express something in a shortened from;
To provide the main information from a piece of writing.
To convince somebody to believe something or perform a particular action, especially by giving good reasons for doing so
To Persuade
If the text contains many arguments and claims, or a call where the reader is urged to take action, then the author’s main purpose is to persuade.
College of the Day
Cubing is a brainstorming strategy outlined in the book, Writing, by Gregory Cowan and Elizabeth Cowan (New York: Wiley, 1980). With cubing, like with other brainstorming methods, you start with one topic, challenge or issue. Then, you apply six points of view (like the six sides of a cube) to the issue.
To Entertain
The reason why the author has chosen to write the text
There are six main reasons why an author may choose to write a text:
Author's Purpose
To Inform
To give knowledge or provide information about a subject
Tuition and Fees: $19,200
Books: $1,400
Room and Board: $6,890
Other Expenses: $5,885
Total Cost: $33,375
12 to 1 student / faculty ratio
If the text is primarily providing readers with facts and information, then we can conclude that the author’s main purpose in writing the text is to inform readers.
To pleasantly hold the attention of, to divert, amuse, or interest
Keep in mind, a writer may have more than one purpose for their writing
Named Best College in Mississippi
Commonly Found in:
Informational brochures/articles
 Newspaper articles
 Research summaries
 Textbooks
Commonly Found in:
 Non-fiction trade books
Picture books
 How-to manuals
 Cookbooks
 Book or film review
 Restaurant reviews
 Editorial articles
 Political position papers
 Advertisements
Commonly Found In:
Commonly Found In:
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