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My Online Digital Learning Environment

No description

abigail bowers

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of My Online Digital Learning Environment

My Online Digital Personal Learning Envrionment Wikipedia VLE Facebook Email Leeds Portal Google Welcome to the online resources that I use for succesful learning... And how I use them! This is the online
encyclopedia that
I use... To look up what a biological term means
To research the background behind an
experiment that I have conducted to help
me write a lab report and improve my
understanding HOWEVER Wikipedia can be accessed and edited by everyone so the information
is not always correct... So I never use wikipedia as a reference in my lab reports Google is one of the leading search engines and allows to me to search the web for information for me to use for.... Lab reports
It also includes
Google Images
I use google images to find quality photos and diagrams that I can use on my course. Here are a few examples when I
typed in Human Physiology
(my course) You tube
Google also offers other tools such as a Google account
I often use the google account to gather feeds from useful websites
that could further my learning Useful feeds include
bbc.co.uk These keep me up to date on the local advances in science Google also offers a calendar which I use to organise my deadlines, any extra curricular activities etc. An advantage of using google calendar is that i can link my calendar with my friends calendars too! This is useful so we can all see what each
other are up to, and organise times more
easily to meet up... And maybe squeeze in
a little revision! Facebook is a social networking site that I can use to
contact my friends and see what they are up to! Facebook works by having an account where you can add your
friends accounts and share pictures, messages, videos Facebook messenger is also available for
instant messaging I often use facebook to discuss with friends recent assignmants and
as a quick and easy way to ask any queries when I am revising However Although facebook does make contacting course mates easy.... Its a very big distraction! Google Books is a useful feature that I use
when finding references for assignments
It allows you to access book on the internet, so you dont need to go
to the library or if a book is not available. However Not all books are available to read on the ineternet
and the books that are available, not every page is
visible due to copyright laws You tube is a site for
video sharing I often use Youtube to use videos in
assignments such as the wiki I find videos a good way to
explain biological processes, as
people can listen and watch at
the same time. The Leeds University Portal the way that I find out any
information I may need to know about about my studies,
Leeds University union, Leeds for Life, etc Allows me to be up to date with any news about my course via newsfeeds. The portal includes
access to my email
acount Library and computing facilities are described on the portal so I know where they are and when they are accessible I can reserve books and see which are available in the library via the portal It shows my timetable and exam timetable... So students can be organised and have
no excuse to miss lectures! The Vle is also a large part of the portal It brings together all the information and facilities that I may need
that are available by the university.......
The Virtual Learning Environment is
available to me to help with my course It lays out which modules I am taking clearly...
By clicking on each module hyperlink this will take you
to more details about that module eg latest news
feeds from lecturers, deadlines, module resources,
lecture notes etc Google Calendar Google Books Information about the undergraduate school is also accessible from the
VLE, which gives information on plagiarism, placements, assessments, announcements and also a student staff forum I often use my uniersity email to contact
members of staff when I have queries I also receive important information about lecture
changes, exams, etc and the latest news about what
is going on in the union. And thats my personal
learning environment!
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