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6.05 Economics Project Circular-Flow Diagram - Air Pollution

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Doran Grimditch

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of 6.05 Economics Project Circular-Flow Diagram - Air Pollution

Air Pollution and how it effects the economy Local Residents Air pollution can cause many health issues because of the carbon monoxide gas. The minor issues are headaches, vertigo, and lightheadedness. Serious issues caused by long term exposure are depression, memory loss, and severe effects to the fetus of a pregnant woman. Businesses This issue can cause a number of problems with businesses. One of my solutions to curing the atmosphere of air pollution would be to reduce the use of automobiles. If people were to cooperate and go along with this solution, car dealerships may lose money due to reduced car sales. Government In order for some solutions to happen, I may require the governments help. To be able to afford renewable resources, the government is going to require plenty of money as well; renewable resources can be costly. International Trade International trade plays a huge factor with one of my solutions. We may need to trade with other countries in order to acquire renewable resources and the technology to use them. Resources, Goods and Services, Finances Air pollution can cause contamination in vegetables and fruits.

Certain companies are allowed to release a certain amount of air emissions. If they go over and cause more air pollution, they may receive and bad reputation which could cause people to stop wanting their services and could then put the company out of business.

If we had to rely on renewable resources, we will have to create a budget. Renewable resources can be costly, especially if we have to trade with other countries. 6.05 Economics
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