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Mimine Ines

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Trireme

The Trireme was an ancient battle ship that was invented by the Greeks in the 8th century BC
It was used by the Ancient Greeks, the Phoenicians and the Romans
The Trireme has 3 rows of oars with one man per oar
It was fast and agile and dominated the Mediterranean from the 7th to the 4th centuries BC
The oars sit on the side of the boat. You use the muscles in your arms to push and pull on the oars to move the boat forwards. The reason it is a simple machine is because the oar is a lever due to that it uses the the leverage of the oar against the boat to push through the water.
Roman Trireme
Greek Trireme
Phoenician Trireme
Due to archeological discoveries, the Trireme was thought to have pushed the limits of technology in the ancient world. After gathering the proper timber and materials to build the ship, the makers had to think about the accommodation, propulsion, weight and waterline, stability and the strength of the ship. The arrangement and number of oarsmen was a crucial factor to this ship. The oars had to be placed precisely.
The Trireme
How and What it was Used for
The Trireme's main focus is the oars
The oar is a lever as a simple machine
The oldest oar dates back to the Neolithic Period which was around 5000-4500 BC
They used oars made of wood like we use nowadays
The oar is used in small and large boats to row across a vast area of water
Speed is a big benefit of oars and boats
Oars made getting to places faster and easier.
The Oar
By Ines, Brianna and Bella
The Trireme
The Design
Three banks of oars
with 180 rowers
Very expensive to build and took approx. 6000 man-days of labor to complete
It was used for war and impacted many wars
There were 180 oars arranged in 3 rows with one man per oar
On a good day the oarsmen rowed for 6-8 hours and it would propel the ship between 80 to 100 km

Greek Trireme: plastic kits to assemble

Roman Ships
Phoenician Ships
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