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Strategic change of Wiggle Ltd.

No description

Yuting Shi

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Strategic change of Wiggle Ltd.

£140.8 Million
Global online sector retailer
Difficulty of developing Wiggle's own brands
Obstacle of changing operation system
Why we use cultural web?
Where Wiggle want to go?
New & superior products & services
Background of Wiggle
Advantage of strategy change
Adopt change in market place
Perform more effectively
Lower operating costs
Possible barriers of strategic change
Enlarging popularity
Providing relevant training program
Secondary research only
Limited access
Structure of presentation
Why we use cultural web applying Wiggle
Where is future of Wiggle
Possible Barriers of Wiggle's development
Pros & Cons of strategy changes
Strategic change of Wiggle Ltd.
Disadvantages of Strategy change
Group 39 details
Xuan Cui (200967912)
Xinyuan Li (200974167)
Yuting Shi (200988727)
Qiong Wu (200947781)
Yangqiong Zheng (200878818)
'Bike nuts'
large among of investment
Employees' misunderstood version of company
No change no future!!!
Dinneen, L. (2013).
Halfords vs Wiggle difference between a social brand and a social business.
Retried 08 Mar 2014 from: http:// marketingblogged. marketingmagazine. co. uk/ 2013/07/23/halfords-vs-wiggle-the-difference-between-a-social-brand-and-a-social-business/

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Long Range Planning
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What Happens When an Organization Changes Its Strategy?
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Harvard Business Review
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Wiggle Ltd. (2013). Wiggle guides available from: http://www.guides.wiggle.co.uk
Thank you for your attention
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