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Alcohol, Other Drugs and Driving

No description

Samantha Brinkman

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Alcohol, Other Drugs and Driving

Effects of Alcohol on Driving
Alcohol Facts
Ethyl, ethanol, isopropyl, methanol
Beer, wine, liquor have the same amount of alcohol

Alcohol and Your Driving Ability
false sense of well-being

Effects of Alcohol
Altered speech
Hazy thinking
Slowed reaction time
Dulled hearing
Impaired vision
Weakened muscles
Foggy memory
- Addiction to alcohol
BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration)-
Amount of alcohol in the bloodstream
The force of personality that restrains or holds back impulsive behaviors
Other Kinds of Drugs and Driving
Types of Drugs
most drugs are classified according to affects on central nervous system
legal drugs are relatively safe when taken as directed
any drug can be dangerous if it is taken in excess or combined with other drugs
Over-the-Counter Medicines
drugs that are available with doctors permission
Side effects- drowsiness, dizziness, slowed reaction time, poor judgement
read warning labels that could affect driving
Negative Peer Pressure Cont.
- Some people might submit to negative peer influence
- occurs when a person a person feels pressure to use alcohol or other drugs just to fit in with a group
- Refusing to do things you think are wrong and saying no to others are signs of responsible, mature behavior and positive peer influence

Controlling Impairment

Alcohol affects the brain
Brain stem, cerebellum, corpus callosum, cerebral cortex
Thought process, hypothalamus,
Designated driver?
A person who does not drink at an event or outing and is responsible for driving
Prescription Medicine
drugs that cannot be purchased without a doctor's order
can have serious side effects that can be potentially addictive
reason why they are dispensed under a physician's order
slow down nervous system
used to relieve tension, nerves, high blood pressure
alcohol, sleeping pills, tranquilizers
a driver using these may become very relaxed and less able to perform the IPDE process or execute activities
drugs that speed up central nervous system
create a feeling of high energy and alertness
this feeling wears off, causing a driver to become tired quickly
some drivers misuse these to stay awake for long periods of time
create high-risk situations once immediate effect wears off
unpredictable, mind-altering drugs that can change personality and cause panic or terror
can distort a person's sense of direction, distance, and time
potentially deadly situations
powerful, mind-altering drug that affects the brain and other parts of the central nervous system
can impair judgement, memory, depth perception, coordination
a person may think that the affects have worn off after a few hours, but driving abilities may be impaired for a long time
Combining Drugs
alcohol and medicine are a dangerous combination
when both are taken at the same time, the effects of both drugs can be multiplied
synergistic effect
Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Driving
Alcohol in the Body
Traffic Laws and Alcohol
must be 21 years age to have alcoholic
states have illegal
pe se laws

making BAC levels of .08 or greater
IL= criminal offense if operating vehicle with at or above alcohol level or any amount of drug that is illegal
implied consent law
anyone who uses a car automatically consents to be tested for BAC and other drugs if stop for suspicion of drugs while driving
Zero tolerance law
underage of 21 with alcohol in system
Dram shop law
person who gives alcohol to an intoxicated individual
Levels of Impairment
all states have BAC level of .08 BAC which driver can be charged driving while intoxicated(DWI)
some may use:
driving while impaired(DWI)
driving under the influence(DUI)
operating while impaired or intoxicated(OWI)
Test for Imparment
several test can be used ot see if person is DWI or DUI
chemical testing
analysis of blood,urine, or breath can determine BAC
breath test used most
field sobriety testing
usually on-the-spot roadside-test
Example: Walking in a straight line
Penalties for Conviction
payment of fine
suspension of drivers license
serving prison term
community service
if have second DWI or DUI receive harsher penalties than the first
If Stopped By an Officer
if see flashing lights slow down and pullover and stop
pull to the right and in a safe place
keep hands visible and follow instructions as officers gives you
be ready to show drivers license and insurance certificate
Coping With Peer Pressure
Peer pressure - an external force that results from peers trying to influence you to do certain things or act a certain way

Peer influence - an internal force created out of a desire to be accepted

Positive Peer Pressure
- When peers exert a pressure on you in a positive way, they want to help and encourage you to do your best and stay safe
- Example: talking a friend out of drinking or refusing to ride with someone under the influence
- Can help strengthen self-esteem in young people beacuase they see themselves as leaders.
Negative Peer Pressure
- Occurs when others encourage you to do something that you beleieve is wrong or dangerous
- Example: friends telling you that you can drive safely after consuming alcohol

Peer Refusal Skills
Knowing different ways to say no empowers you to be a responsible person
Different situations call for different ways to say no
Use humor
joke can change ton of things
changes focus of peer pressure
Walk away
say no and walk away or just walk away.
Ask a question
say no, repeat phrase suggested as a question
ex: No, why would i want to risk__________?
Repeat No
Keep saying no
Can buy u time to think of another response

Avoid the Situation
if you know your friends will try to influence you somewhere (like a party) simply avoid the situation by not going.
Ignore the Pressure
don't respond when asked to join dangerous situations.
direct your attention, start conversation with another person
Provide Alternatives
suggest other activities
Use team work
team up for others who feel the same way
Be firm
if all else fails, say "No thanks" firmly in a way the other person understands.

Making Responsible Decisions
help you be more control of your life
5 steps to help make responsible decisions
1 know when a decision needed
2 consider the choices
3 consider the consequences and ask yourself
is it legally safe
parents or other members think
respect me and others
4 decide which choice is best
5 evaluate decision
Don't Drink and Drive
Student Programs
underage drinking is a national problem
schools educate students to combat underage driving
Peer Education
a process in which young people help other young people make decisions and determine goals
young people are more sensitive to thoughts and opinions of pears than to adults
many schools developed programs to help influence people about harmful effects of alcohol and drinking and driving.
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