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Theme Overview: Obsession in King Lear

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naomi kamanu

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Theme Overview: Obsession in King Lear

Movie Review: Like Water for Chocolate
Shows that Mama Elena and Pedro both have their separate obsessions
Mama Elena makes Tita make cake batter for Pedro’s wedding to make Tita know she is serious
Does not care whether she wants to be with Pedro or whether she cries her heart out
Mama Elena wants to make Tita hate and not love Pedro so she won't have to worry
Movie Review: Like Water for Chocolate
Movie Review: Like Water for Chocolate
Theme Overview: Obsession in King Lear
Obsession major theme in King Lear
Play centers around King Lear’s obsession with staying in power, and his daughters Regan and Goneril’s obsession with craving power
He ends up treasuring Cordelia, where he would rather live in prison with her
Selfishness blinded him from noticing how loyal Cordelia was to him

Mama Elena eventually dies, leaving Tita to be with Pedro freely, or so it seems
Mama Elena reappears in Tita’s life as a ghost
Convincing her to believe she is pregnant thus shaming her
Curses fake pregnacny and Tita's unreal baby
Only when Tita banishes Mama Elena is when Mama Elena finally forced to leave Tita alone
Mama Elena gave her older daughter Rosaura to Pedro and Pedro does not love Rosaura at all
He still says yes to her proposal so he can be with Tita
Pedro is so infatuated with Tita he will willingly marry another woman just to be in the same house as the woman he claims to love
Sign of obsession combined with love
Tita seems to only see the love part whereas Rosaura knows he is preoccupied with Tita
Every character will have their own obsession with something or someone
Lear’s obsession was power and control
Pedro’s obsession was Tita and Mama Elena’s was to be able to keep an old tradition going even after her death
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