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Abraham Lincoln

Reading perseverance project

Ethan Kammerer

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Abraham Lincoln

By Ethan Kammerer
1. Lincoln was born into poverty.
2. Lincoln's mother died when he was 9.
3. Lincoln fails to get Whig party nomination for U.S Congress.
4. Lincoln was romantically rejected by Mary Owens.
5. Lincoln and William Berry open a store only to have it fail the next year.
6. Lincoln's business partner, William Berry dies increasing his debt to $1,000.
7. Lincoln's second son died.
8. Lincoln failed to become U.S senator.
9. Lincoln persevered for the equality of blacks.
10. Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.
Abraham Lincoln A.K.A Honest Abe
Sources of Information
1. <http://www.wikipedia.org/>
2. <http://www.biography.com/>
3. <http://www.alincoln-library.com/>
Essential Question and Answer
Q: How do characters, real and fictional, use words and actions to demonstrate perseverance?
A: They come face to face with hardships and over come them no matter how tough it is. For example Abraham Lincoln had a hard time passing the thirteenth amendment but he did it anyway.
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