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I always wanted to learn about brazil to all their animals to resourses. And all of their hisorical ive always wanted to go there.

x l

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Brazil

Xavier Leonard My Country is:
Language:Portugese Language:Portugese

Landforms:Amazon Rainforest,
Amazon River,Iguagu Falls Climate:Tropical Bodies Of Water:
Atlantic Ocean,The Amazon,
Cacimba Do Pedre
Histoical Site:Christ the Reemedeer
The christ of reemedeer was sugested in 1850 .It means a sign
of christ. The Flag: Map of country: Capital:Brazilla
Fact#1:Brazil is one
of the 2nd biggest county of the world. Fact#2:The most
regions in Brazil
are the southeast saes.
Fact#3:Brazil has beena colony,an empire.are bublic and has been under the military rule. Fact#4:Brazil it also the populus countries in Latin America. Fact#5:The motto of Brazilians older and porgress,Brazil consist of
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