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In.Business: A National Mentorship Progam for Indigenous Youth

No description

Hanwakan Whitecloud

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of In.Business: A National Mentorship Progam for Indigenous Youth

A National Mentorship Program for Indigenous Youth
What is business?
Interest in consumer behaviour
Want to own/manage a business
Want to work with money/numbers
Make a difference in your community
Understand organizational structures
Why study business?
Bi-weekly challenges facilitated by mentors
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram
Social Media & Challenges
Not just Entrepreneurship
(but that's important)

How do you choose?
What job
do I want?
Is this in
What am I
good at?
What do
I need?
What is In.Business?
A mentorship program to help students explore facets of business so that they can make informed decisions about their future educational plans, which will hopefully include business.
Who can apply?
Any Aboriginal student in grades 10-12 that think they may be interested in business.
Two conferences (opening & closing)
Team building activities
Campus tour and experience
Motivational speakers
Training in Social Media
Cultural Components
Application Process
Students must submit the following:
Application | Completed today
Recommendation form | Due before Oct. 9

60 students chosen will be notified by Oct. 14

Opening conference - Nov. 6 & 7 2015
Closing conference - Apr. 29 2016
Connect with us
Purdy Crawford Chair
Canadian Aboriginal Business Network
How can you study Business?
Business degree (University)
Degree with minor
Diploma (Community College)
What's in it for students?
Learn about business using social media and smart phones
Be part of a virtual community of Aboriginal students who share an interest in business
Gather with students and mentors for two conferences
Gaming Simulation
Schedule of Challenges
Business is also...

Human Resources
DVS Shoes
Nike SB
Marketing is about communicating value(s)

Central Region Opening Conference 2015
Central Region Closing Conference 2015

Organizations engaged in trading goods and/or services to consumers
Agriculture | Mining | Banks | Manufacturers Real-estate | Retailers
Service Businesses | Transportation | Utilities
"The Language of Business"
The Team
Revenue CA
Recruit/Hire people
Pay salaries
Not sure? Apply online at:
Research on what "drives" success in Aboriginal Business

National student recruitment in the area of post-secondary Aboriginal Business education

Enhancement of post-secondary business curriculum

Mentorship at high school and post-secondary levels
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